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4 Tips For Understanding The E-2 Visa Application Process

by Tracy Finke

As a company owner, you understandably want to grow your business, and expanding it is a natural way to go. Now, even if you want to start from scratch and invest in some country, there are some strict rules and regulations that one simply needs to follow in order to work properly and to work at all, for that matter. Here is where applying and obtaining visa steps in, but it is also what troubles so many.

Namely, depending on whether you want to travel, study, open a business, report news from, or simply enter the USA, you need a different type of visa. Yes, there is one for every single thing on this list, so let’s check how to apply for the most often needed one.

What is it?

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First of all, we need to understand what obtaining this visa means to us just to be sure that there will be no confusion regarding certain situations, and in order to know why we need it in the first place and understand the application process that we need to pass to get it.

Besides this name, you can also find it under Investor Visa or Treaty Trader, so do not let it confuse you since that are only different names for the same thing. It is the document that investors need if they want to move to the States and work there, and they can do that only to develop their business. Of course, that also means that they need to invest some money, or make things much clearer, substantial funds.

Basic applying rules

The type of business mentioned above is active commercial or producing services or goods for real profit, and it is not possible to invest in something that cannot be seen and get this visa. In most cases, that requires employees who have specialized knowledge, and they can get this visa too, but only if they are of the same nationality as the treaty investor who applies for it. All of this may seem confusing at first, but in reality, it’s all about security and following certain rules and protocols. Once again, the main thing is regarding the substantial amount of money or capital that one has prepared for investment.

Applying for E-2 Visa

1. DS-160 Form

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Applying for this visa is not as complicated as many people think, and there is no need to be afraid of it. The first document we need to submit when we decide to apply for it is DS-160 Form. It is easy to find online, and there is no need to call friends from the USA to explain it to you because everything is pretty clear, and it is enough to read carefully and go through it step by step. The questions in this form are about our background, intentions, and purpose of entering the country, and we need to explain it in the best and most honest possible way to increase the chances of being accepted.

Once we finish filling it out, we will see a confirmation page and get the number we need to memorize or write down. Besides that, we need to print that page and submit it in our portfolio of evidence, and creating it is another important step. Printing it in a few copies is always a good idea because we never know when we will need it, and besides that, it can easily be lost, so it is better to have more of them, just in case.

2. Every employee or/and colleague needs to file the DS-160 Form

It is also necessary to have some evidence that we will get back to our country once the job is done, and we do not intend to prolong our stay in the country. Those who need to bring the employees and colleagues with them need to know that each of them needs to file this form for themselves.

When all documentation is prepared, it is necessary to pay the application fee, schedule the interview, and hope for the best. We also need to mention that these are basics steps, and in most cases, it is all you will need, but sometimes, depending on where you apply, there could be additional requirements, so it is better to inform yourself in time.

3. Means of support

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Proper documentation is a must, especially when it is about something as important and strict as this. One of the most important ones, besides the DS-160 Form, is proof that we have a stable source of income, so the Citizenship and Immigration Services can see that we are capable of investing in a business.

As mentioned above, one needs to invest a substantial amount of money in order to get this visa, and what’s even more important is the risk. Namely, this risk of losing capital means that you first need to invest in this country, regardless of whether you are starting a new business or buying one. Furthermore, that investment needs to gather much more profits than just to sustain you and your family, as it needs to have a great impact on the USA economy as well.

4. The fee

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As you probably guessed, there is a fee to be paid for applying for this type of visa. Just like for almost every other visa type, this fee may vary depending on which country you are from, but the amount one surely needs to pay is 205 dollars. Knowing that one needs to invest at least 100.000 USD, this $205 additional fee plus other expenses doesn’t seem as much.

The bottom line

Hopefully, now, after reading all this, applying for this visa should get much easier. Of course, consulting professionals and lawyers with vast experience with all this should also be on your must-to-do list, as it will make things much more efficient and would also speed up the whole process. Click here for more info on this topic, along with a detailed explanation of all the proper documentation and other crucial elements needed for the applying process.