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Have the Years Finally Caught up With Madonna?

by Elsa Stringer

Madonna, 61, seems to be having trouble with her career lately. Her long-awaited world tour titled “Madame X” has already been canceled a few times, all to the advice of her doctor. The legendary pop artist started several unusual treatments in order to get her strength back and perform on the tour.

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Although she will always be young in spirit, her body has suffered through a lot during her decades in the music business. While lowering herself into an ice bath, she revealed what she is currently going through, while her 25-year-old boyfriend, dancer Ahlamalik Williams follows her closely.

The tour in question was supposed to cover the USA and Europe, and last 93 days. This is a huge deal for any artist, let alone for someone who is 61. It started in September of 2019, after which a series of cancellations took place, disappointing the millions of fans. The nine concerts that were canceled all came as a precaution after the doctor advised against them.

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The singer experienced a lot of pain and exhaustion, despite the series of treatments that included blood transfusions, ice baths, and massages.

With a net worth that exceeds $450 million and more than 300 million albums sold, the queen of pop no longer has to prove anything to anyone. However, when her “the show must go on” way of life is in question, she will always try to do it for the fans.

Before canceling one of the concerts, Madonna had this to say to her followers and fans:

“Doing a show each night brings me so much joy that canceling it feels like a sort of punishment. However, the pain I feel at the moment is too strong and I have to rest and listen to my doctor’s advice in order to return stronger and better and continue the Madame X tour together with all of you.”

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The statement prior to the ninth cancellation reads:

“We regret to inform you that Madonna is unable to perform this evening due to her pain from her ongoing injuries. We sincerely regret the disappointment to fans due to the unforeseen and last-minute changes to the schedule. We appreciate the well-wishes for Madonna’s recovery.”

Her concerts have always taken place in huge arenas, but this time she chose theatres where the stage is much closer to the audience. She wants to connect with her fans more, and mobile phones are not allowed so that everyone can focus on the stage and what is happening. The tickets range from $50 to $750.

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After a short Christmas break that she spent with her boyfriend and kids on a yacht, the pop icon has six more weeks of tour left. It is scheduled to end with a Paris show in March. There are some rumors suggesting she has plans to extend her tour to other parts of Europe, and Asia, even Australia.

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