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7 Hardest And Easiest Dangerous Bosses In WoW Shadowlands

by Tracy Finke

The interesting thing about WoW is that even people who are not so interested in gaming know about this game. It is not a surprise since it is popular for more than 15 years. This title managed to rise MMO gaming to a whole new level.  Besides many attractive features, the main reason for keeping high popularity for such a long time is related to updates.

There are 8 main expansions introduced over time, along with numerous events. That is an excellent approach that will keep loyal players for a long time. The most recent expansion is called Shadowlands. Even though there are no new races introduced, there are some new areas in this virtual world. Also, we have to mention the raids.

There are several main raids in this update, Sanctum of Domination, Castle Nathria, and Halls of Atonement. There is a bonus raid as well, which you can find in the western area, and its name is Mist of Tirna Scithe. The last one is called Sepulcher of the First Ones, which will probably be the last raid in this expansion.

Furthermore, you should know that this game can be quite challenging at some points. Therefore, if you are a newbie, you need to be prepared to spend a lot of time while learning more about different abilities and tactics. The great thing is that you can get different boosts, which is the best way to start with a new race. If you are interested in getting a boost for the latest raid, check out https://buyboost.com/wow.

Raids are one of the most interesting parts of Shadowlands. However, it is crucial to choose the right race and be a part of the team where all players are prepared to work on the proper tactic. That requires a lot of determination as well since some bosses can be quite difficult to defeat. We are going to introduce you to some of the hardest and easiest bosses that you will face in raids.

Easiest Bosses

1. Halkias

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The Halls of Atonement is one of the easiest dungeons available in Shadowlands. The first boss in this dungeon is Halkias. The most important thing when you are fighting against this boss is to have a stronger tank in the team. Also, be aware of the AOE damage that this character can cast. Completing this instance will provide you with 15 reputation points.

2. Echelon

This is a second boss of the same instance where you have to face Halkias. The most important thing here is patience. According to the experience of most players, it is rather annoying than difficult to defeat Echelon. When it comes to his abilities, try to stay away from adds that can deal decent damage and try to drat the boss around the place with the kite.

3. The Tarragrue

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Sanctum of Domination is the second raid in this expansion. When it comes to difficulty, most people are saying that the first 8 bosses are not a big issue, while it can be more challenging to kill the last two. The first boss that you will need to defeat here is The Tarragrue.

The tactic should involve frequent moving from one to another safe zone while staying away from Predator Howls that this creature will cast all the time. Tanks should focus on good timing when they are using crushed armor, while healers need to use dispel ability.

Hardest Bosses

4. Kel’Thuzad

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As we already mentioned, only two last bosses can be a bigger problem in the Sanctum of Domination. Before you reach the point where you can face the Sylvanas, you will need to fight against the legendary Kel’Thuzad. The most important is to avoid abilities like blizzard, frost-bound, and frost blast. The whole team needs to focus on their abilities and use them at the right time, especially during the second and third phases.

5. Prototype Pantheon

This boss is one of the most powerful in the latest raid. It represents a team of different creatures. The first stage is bringing them to 50% health. After that, the game will become even more difficult since they will start casting more powerful spells and abilities. When it comes to tanks, it is essential to know that there is a return damage ability of 30%. Healers must use healing in the right way and accuracy, especially for DPS.

6. Rygelon

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The crucial thing related to this boss is the feature he gets after reaching 100 cosmic points. At that point, all players outside of The Singularity will be destroyed. The complexity is especially linked to special features where the distance is very important. You will need to stay away from the boss, but getting too much away will also get you killed because of the Unstable Matter.

7. The Jailer

This creature is the last boss in the Sepulcher of the First One’s raid. It is quite challenging even for experienced players. The key is to manage to deal more damage and kill it before it gets more energy. More time you waste, Jailer will become even more powerful.

If you are playing as a tank, it is important to avoid desolation and other spells. When it comes to DPS players, stay away from your team before the rune explodes. The whole point is to use the best from holes that are all around when you are fighting this boss.

The Bottom Line

If you are struggling at some point, and it seems like there is no way to complete an instance or kill some character in this game, it is essential to never stress out. Instead of that, work on your skills and try to find the best approach that will help you to win.

This game is very complicated, and there are numerous features, abilities, and items that you will need to combine for different opponents. When you are playing raids, the focus should be on team play. There are rare cases where people managed to kill bosses in solo runs.