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7 Best Cryptocurrency Investing Strategies for Beginners in 2024

by Tracy Finke

The potential and craze for cryptocurrency are boundless. Each day more and more investors and traders are entering the crypto market. Beginners and new entrants look up to famous investors and traders in this field for inspiration and motivation.

However, all these experienced experts reached their destination after much hard work and perseverance. They didn’t just invest randomly; rather a lot of thought and deliberation went into it.

That’s why there is an important thing to remember for beginners, and take note of it, you need a strategy to invest in cryptocurrency. The crypto market is not any random grocery store to spread your eggs across baskets. You need a lot of thought and deliberation.

Hence, do not invest hastily and regret later. If need be, consult the same investors that you look up to for guidance and mentoring. The Crypto market is very volatile and risky. Even though you prioritize beforehand, the chances are very likely that you may fail halfway through your ambitious journey. However, the risk factor or volatility cannot be completely ruled away. You need to know and lay a strategy before anything else.

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Best cryptocurrency investment strategies

1. Gauge the volatility

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It is next to impossible to gauge absolute volatility because even the most experienced industry players cannot predict it totally. No one even suggests you waste your time in measuring or understanding the volatility either. You need to be aware that the crypto market is volatile and hence, be ready for anything and everything.

You also need to develop quick decision-making skills to avoid losing all your assets overnight. There are certain factors that impact the volatility or the market position of cryptocurrency. Increasing your knowledge in this area can help you ward off the volatility even to some extent.

2. Prioritize liquidity

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Liquidity should always be your priority. As mentioned above, the crypto market is extremely volatile and the participants move in and out so swiftly that it becomes difficult for you to liquidize your assets.

Hence, market demand and the potential of liquidity are what should guide you. Before investing in any cryptocurrency, make sure you have done enough research about the same and gathered appropriate knowledge.

3. Go step by step

Do not go all in at a single time. Always choose to go into the market gradually but don’t jump into the deep waters all of a sudden. You need to have your control. This control partly comes from the wisdom and knowledge you possess. Even if you do possess adequate knowledge, taking a step-by-step route is often deemed the safest route.

Hence, do not take quick or hasty decisions. However, sometimes you may be faced with challenges that may require your fastest brains, that is an exception though.

4. Balanced portfolio

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As much as liquidity, the portfolio is investors’ top priority. Beginners and new entrants don’t really care about portfolios because their focus lies on liquidity and profit-making. Of course, half of the entire investor base are interested in profit-making but that comes only with a strategic approach and clever decision making.

Establishing a balanced portfolio is one of the major factors that decide how your growth trajectory happens in the crypto market. Always spread your investments across a couple or more cryptocurrencies but do not spread your eggs too many baskets.

5. Don’t buy the hype

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The hype is quite natural in the crypto market. While the prevailing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are already in news, each day a new currency enters the market. For many reasons like the pump and dump tactic or airdrop tactic or many other similar tactics, these currencies see a lot of hype.

You should have control and be wise in these times. You cannot invest in something just because everyone is talking about it. Practice patience and restraint. Observe how things are going in the market. Observe the graph of the new entrant.

Even though it is performing well, it may not always be genuine. You should be able to notice these differences. However, it is better to not invest in new cryptocurrencies at any cost. If you cannot control your urges or you strongly believe in it, contacting your mentor or an experienced investor might help.

6. Practice patience

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Patience is one quality all the stakeholders in this industry must possess and practice. With a lot of noise surrounding you and a lot more going on in your surroundings, you cannot resist but make the wrong decisions. That’s not your mistake because even the most experienced investor cannot see the potholes sometimes.

That is the very nature of the crypto market. Hence, you need to lay back in peace, relax, and practice patience to avoid disasters. Although you will be confused and overwhelmed in the initial stages, once you taste the experience, it will become easier for you. market.

7. Reinvest the profits

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Whatever you are earning is called profits. Do not sit laid back with all your profits. The entire process of investing in the crypto market is to earn profits. But you can do a lot with the earned profits and reinvest them. This way your initial or principal amount of investment drastically and exponentially increases over time.


It takes courage, vision, strategy, and guidance to excel in the crypto market initially. One cannot simply jump into to test the depth of the waters. Hence, you may need a perfect strategy. It actually takes a lot of time in strategizing itself but during this period you have to practice patience. Be patient and let the ensuing events turn out in your favor.

These strategies are a few of the best and most needed strategies to get you started in the crypto market. Do not enter the market without research, knowledge, and a prior strategy. That’s what can help you survive and stay resilient to turbulent times.