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Great Dating Ideas if You Are With a Chinese Woman

by William Gist

Since the beginning of time, dating has been challenging for some people. Even if you have some positive dating experience, charming a girl from another country can still prove to be a difficult task. This is especially true if she is from a faraway land and her culture is completely different from yours.

The first thing you can do is to learn some common phrases in Chinese, just keep in mind that there are multiple dialects so you should inquire about hers. You can learn how to say your name, occupation, how old you are, and so on. Since culture is very important to them, this is a great way to show your date that you are interested in finding out more about her country and culture. Believe us she will be impressed that you have taken some time to acquire the most basic phrases.


The most important thing for a Chinese girl is her family. Nothing can come before them. From a young age, they are raised to be respectful towards their parents and obey their every wish. So you have to show her not only that you respect them but also that you want to become acquainted with them. Also, you should tell them that you are intrigued by their daughter and that you would like to get to know her better. Although asking for a father’s approval to date his daughter may seem outdated in the Western world, it is still very important in Chinese culture. This is the best way to demonstrate to her that you are aware of their customs and that you are willing to follow them.

Furthermore, you don’t have to have a body of a model and be extremely wealthy to impress a Chinese girl. They will appreciate small things such as being a good listener and making her feel comfortable. Don’t be egocentric and spend the entire date talking about you without asking her any questions or even worse, asking her and giving all the answers instead of her. Just be your normal self and give her the chance to see who you really are.


In addition, don’t be shy. Every girl loves a compliment, and Chinese women are no different. If you think that she is beautiful or smart, just tell her. In order to secure a second date, you have to make sure that she feels special and compliments are the way to go. Clearly, you have to be a gentleman. Don’t tell her rude jokes and be impolite. What’s more, she might be taken by surprise by your chivalrous acts such as opening and holding the door or pulling out the chair. Since they are not used to this kind of behavior, being a gentleman will sweep her off her feet for sure. If you want to learn more dating tips visit here.


Lastly, you have to plan a perfect first date. If you already know what she likes and doesn’t like, you should use that information when organizing the outing. On the other hand, if you have just met her, you can opt for something common, like a dinner or lunch date, or you can simply ask her what she would like to do and plan the date accordingly.