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Grayson Scott Boucher :”The Professor” Net Worth 2024

by Tracy Finke

Have you heard of any streetball players? Let me introduce you to a hilarious personality ‘The Professor’ whose original name is Grayson Scott Boucher. Mr.Boucher is a streetball player from America who is also an actor and a popular YouTuber.It just does not end with this, this versatile public figure is the CEO of Globalhooper. The professor’s international AND1 Mixtape tour is the milestone for his fame.

Grayson has immense ball-handling skills through which he gained popularity. This person inspires the locals and others by teaching them his exclusive and extraordinary moves. Grayson the professor was also excellent at acting though street balling was his major piece of interest.

Early Life And Family :

img source: opencourt-basketball.com

The excellent streetball player Grayson Scott Boucher was born on June 10,1984,in Oregon of Western United States.Steve and Molly Boucher are his parents.His father joined him to the basketball centre when he was 2years old.

Grayson was admitted to McNary high school then she attended the Salem Academy.Though he won matches yet he did not get any scholarships.That’s not the end ,as later on he was admitted for a high school study where he finally got selected in the Chemeketa college.This was when both Boucher and his brother heard of that AND1 Mixtape tour is announced and this is the best opportunity to kick start their career.And today he is the brand.

His Career and Milestones :

As his career got a kick start during the AND1 Mixtape tour, he further played 6 ESPN ,also played in 30 countries and was featured in the five AND1 Mixtape DVD’s

.His fame in streetball led him to act where soon he featured in the “Ball don’t lie” which premiered in 2008’s Tribeca film festival

.As an influencer he has a sufficiently great fan following on social media. He runs his YouTube channel Professor Live with 5.48 million subscribers. This streetball figure has 3.5 million followers on Instagram.

And significantly he is the CEO of Globalhooper. Semi-pro, Phenom is his other notable works.

A Few things you didn’t know about Grayson :

img source: famouspeopletoday.com

Here’s why Mr.Boucher is well-known as a ‘Professor’.

  • He was a white nerd who started practicing basketball at a very young age (2years old).
  • In 2019’s his Achilles tendon tore which was heartbreaking and a threat to his career.
  • Recently he tweeted about his 100% recovery.
  • 12 is his lucky number so he’s always seen in #12 jersey.
  • He tremendously spreads the word of Christ through basketball.
  • He’s dressed as superheroes in his YouTube channel and surprisingly he plays with unlisted basketball players.

Net Worth :

This multi-talented star’s net worth is $2 million which mainly comes from his uploads of basketball on YouTube.Other sources are merchandise sales, sponsorships, ad revenue, etc. This inspirational multi-talented white guy successfully reached heights only because of his perseverance resulting in a lasting impression on the world. Perhaps he endeavored to reach the success pillar even though he was rejected by NBA And today he gives teachings to the NBA team.