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Mikey Chen Net Worth 2024

by Tracy Finke

Let’s get some brief insights on the famous food vlogger on YouTube Mike Chen.Mike Chen also well known as Mikey Chen’s YouTube channel will amaze you.This good director holds three YouTube channels.With his interestingly excellent content,tours and food vlogging today he is one of the most valued YouTubers.

About Mikey Chen

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Mikey Chen was born in the Shaanxi province Xi’an on 22nd December ,1980.Later then Chen migrated to the USA and presently lives in Texas where he runs his Korean restaurant(Karne).Over years he has been flavouring his YouTube channels with diverse and original content.He is seemingly an interesting person exploring the flavours of the world with his dash of style.

Early life and Family

Beyond Mike Chen’s incredible talents in cooking, he was highly educated and always wanted to work as an officer in the FBI but as he started mastering the cooking art he was working in his dad’s restaurant and he couldn’t achieve his dreams.Before his journey as YouTuber, he was an officer at Morgan Stanley and worked as a financial analyst.There are rumors about his relationship but there are many instances which are not disclose or known.Yi and Dan worked with him and we’re seen in many of Chen’s videos but after some years they chose to go home back.

His Career and Milestones

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Chen’s achievements are incredible and inspiring.Lets have look at his channels that made up his career:

  • His channel ‘Mike Chen’ with 1.37M subscribers was created on March 3,2013 which consisted of his vlogs on travel and tasting the delicious food of every place visited.
  • The 2017’s ‘Friendly Brain’ with 2M subscribers (on 22May) flashes animations using flashcards.
  • On 18th August 2017 was created ‘Cook with Mikey’ with 193k subscribers which was initially known as ‘Pho the love food’ which showcases Mikey and his friends trying Asian foods.
  • On 17th November 2017, Mike Chen created ‘Eat with Mikey’ with 157k subscribers is another channel where he with his friends try dishes which have gained 7million views.
  • 2016’s ‘Awesome toy review!’ is another channel that lets reviewing of toys that were used while Dan and Yi were with him before they left for China.After they go the channel remains active.
  • ‘Beyond science’ illustrates alien civilians, peculiar phenomena, scientific facts,etc which were the most watched videos of him.
  • ‘Beyond science’ which brings in the idea more like Beyond Science but with an advanced perspective was created on 26th August 2016.
  • ‘Chey News’ another hilarious channel was created on 4th March 2016 which wrapped news from all around the world especially from China and some new stories.
  • On July 5th 2014 ‘Chen Dynasty’ was created which depicts culture and traditions of Asia which was earlier named as ‘double Chen show’.But the title changed as soon as Dan’s departure to China.Its a channel with huge views of around 60 million.
  • ‘Strictly Dumplings’ one of Chen’s popular channels was created on October 27,2019.This channel introduces modernized varieties of Chinese food and illustrates flavours of different regions.

Few things that you should know

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  • He believed that shredded potatoes are the easiest dish to prepare.
  • In one of the interviews he revealed initially he shot some of his videos with his iPhone 4.
  • NTD Television had Mr.Mikey Chen as their digital strategy head.

Net Worth

Chen’s Net worth sums up to be 3.5 million dollars including all the merchandise sales with 5.8 billion subscribers in total . Advertisements also make a good profit.