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10 Magnificent Gifts For A Сhildbirth

by Elsa Stringer

When buying gifts items for a baby, it is easy to get carried away by emotion and eventually buy (it happens on more than one occasion) nonsense. And it is because there are so many products and so many needs that, for those who do not have children or frequent contact with children, choosing a gift for one who has just been born can become the worst of their nightmares.

To help you in this difficult situation, at Artpix3d we’d made a review of the best gifts that our consulted moms most appreciated in their childbirth day: considering them essential, practical or useful for raising their babies, and also some valuable suggestions and ideas to give as well to the recent mom.

For example, clothing: Clothing is always the most straightforward option, and also one of the most practical. But before buying anything, consider the following:

Is it the first baby? Siblings, especially if they are of the same sex, often have the oldest’s clothes.

What size? It is preferable to give clothes that the baby can wear from 3 months, 6, or even a year since it is normal that they give him or her a lot of clothes for the newborn, who also will hardly have time to wear. And on the other hand, it is difficult to hit with the size of a child so small. Newborns range from several sizes (premature, 0, 1 …), and in a few days, they will hardly fit in it.


What about the style of the parents? Today the vast world of baby fashion allows you to find clothes of almost all forms in a mini version—the times when children were dressed like little princes of the s. XVIII was left behind. Or not? More classic or more alternative, fortunately, today, there are infinite trends and styles of clothing for babies to choose from. Look at how their parents are and pick birthday gifts according to their style. You can always opt for a funny body, with a message, with the logo of Dad’s favorite music group, with the character of the series or the movie that Mom likes, etc.

Let’s take a look at some practical gifts remembered that will make both parents and newborn baby happy:

#1 Welcome set to take care of the baby’s mouth


Help parents take care of the baby’s mouth and future teeth with this toiletry bag. They usually include a silicone pacifier for 0-6 months with its pacifier storage box, something that will be great for them because the pacifiers are changed over time, and so they have a spare one in case they lose the one they have. It also has different toothbrushes adapted to varying times of growth, with a protective ring that prevents damage from it, and a biting ring for the first discomfort.

Besides, it also includes a hairbrush and special scissors for the baby. A complete set that will save you the expense of having to acquire these products separately as the little creature grows. In short, you can offer a welcome kit with seven practical products for the daily life of the baby in a gorgeous toiletry bag. And you will also like the price: only $17 at the moment.

#2 Baby Moments cards to photograph the most special moments


From the moment of the baby’s birth, almost every day is an event for his parents. Almost anything he does, the months he is serving, the little sounds he learns to emit, etc., are his first time, and what better way to celebrate with these letters, indicated for parents who love photographs. If your baby is nine months old, you can take a picture of him with the message that says, “9 months in mom’s belly and nine months out.” Or if it is the first time that he says, “Woo,” you can take a photo of him with the letter that reads: “I said Wooooo!”. Thus, they will be saved in the family album, and they will be able to remember that day better.

Baby Moments cards can also be used to put in a special place in the house when the baby does all those first things, so the whole family knows about it. In total, we have 32 Cards in two languages ​​to live unique and unrepeatable moments with your baby. That way, if you want you can also teach him English from a very young age when you show him the cards for the first time (for example, one side is in Spanish, the other in English). Also, its price is exciting: only $13 at the moment.

#3 Crystal engraving with baby footprints


One way for parents to keep a memory for a lifetime is by keeping a child’s foot and handprints. For this reason, the 3D crystals contain, in addition to various spaces for baby pictures, a special clay to leave its tracks. It is safe and suitable for babies, both newborns, and slightly older children, as this clay is very soft and non-toxic.

We will obtain the impression of the baby’s hand or foot with very little pressure, and it dries in the air, being resistant to cracking over time. A gift that surely will not be expected. Of course, keep in mind that it is a recommended product for children up to 2 years old. Its price is also an important reason to choose it: at the moment it will only cost you about $20.

#4 Baby carrier


The baby wrap is becoming increasingly popular with parents. It works like the classic backpack, but it allows us to adapt the positions of the scarf to the different ages and needs of the baby. Besides, it will also help us to breastfeed the baby comfortably, and it is one of the perfect gifts to send. You will find it available in different models and designs, depending on which one you think can best go with the style of the baby’s father and mother.At Kidsco you can find high-quality baby carriers at many different models and designs.

In any case, with this elastic baby carrier, you will get nine different ways to carry your baby in a “hands-free” mode. From new support to nursing, through front transport, side transport, back transport, cross transport, or even hip or kangaroo transport. All this and much more for just $30 right now.

A little advice

Opt for something non-material and offer your services to the newly released parents. Running errands, going shopping, cooking or bringing food, bathing the baby, taking care of him while they sleep, etc. Without a doubt, one of the best gifts they can receive. You can find better gift solutions with our blog, it’s better than gift cards!

Finally, if your pocket allows it, some recent parents will always be grateful for help with the large disbursements that come with acquiring certain essential products for every baby: car seat, stroller, high chair, changing table, crib, etc.

#5 Personalized Christmas Ball


It is an ideal gift if the baby is born on a date close to Christmas, but it can also be used at any time of the year and save the result for the upcoming holidays. The personalized Christmas ball allows us to engrave the name and footprint of our little creature to decorate the house on those particular dates. Besides, the materials are suitable for baby’s skin, and it is easily cleaned. In any case, we have before us a complete kit that includes all the elements.

On the other hand, they come in many colors (red, pearl, silver, gold, and blue). And if you are concerned about the process, you should know that it is straightforward actually. The first step is to use the paint roller to spread the paint through the child’s hand. Then you just have to place the baby’s grip on the Christmas Ball and press firmly. And finally, carefully remove your hand to ensure a better impression (drying time is 2 hours). Its price? It usually costs around $15.

#6 Diaper Cake and Stroller Crib Set


It may sound weird, but it’s one of the gifts everyone needs! Diaper birthday cake is an excellent option to give these utensils as a gift, as the baby parents are the ones who will see diapers the most. Therefore, there are more and more designs and more original.

First, it was the substantial floor cakes, and now we can find countless figures, with different accessories included, like this stroller. In addition to 50 diapers, it consists of a pack of wipes, a set of sheets for the baby’s crib, and a bib. And best of all, the price is adjusted considering how expensive these products tend to be: it’s about $80 right now.

#7 Giraffe Sophie


Giraffe Sophie is a trendy toy, as it is designed to stimulate all the baby’s senses: sight with its contrasting colors, hearing with its soft sound, touch, smell, and even taste because it is suitable for biting. The baby can play with the giraffe when it goes down the street when it goes to sleep, or even in the bathroom because it is made of rubber.

It will also help to relieve teething pain, and for its quality, it will last the first years of your life. To make matters worse, it incorporates a whistle that amuses and stimulates the baby’s hearing and, incidentally, helps to understand the cause and effect relationship. Its price is tight: only $25 at the moment.

#8 Neck float


Make sure your baby is having fun in the bathroom safely with these neck floats. Ergonomic, and specially designed to protect the baby, adjustable to its neck and with a soft material that prevents it from hurting it. Without a doubt, a complete package. Of course, the bathroom with the float must be continuously supervised by an adult and must not be used in deep water.

And for added security, keep in mind that the front of the float with a double handle design serves to make it easier for parents to master the baby’s swimming direction. Its price is only around $22 at the moment. In short, it is an entirely safe and beneficial product.

#9 Box to store baby teeth


Help the baby’s parents keep memories of their child’s growth with this box for baby teeth. Each one has its specific place and a compartment where it will not be lost. Also, the box allows saving the umbilical cord if we have decided to dry it to keep it over the years.

It has also been made of natural rubber, so it is corrosion resistant and durable for tooth storage for many years. Although, of course, the best of all is the price: only around $5.

#10 LeBleu Baby Album


In LeBlue’s “My First Year of Life” Album, you can collect all the memories you have with your baby: telling anecdotes, saving photos, putting labels on them … Suitable for gifting to the most creative dads and moms. The fact is that with this cool photo album, parents can remember every critical moment of the baby.

On top, it comes with a total of 128 pages in full color and completely personalized. Everything, in a 23×23 cm format, with a matte laminated hardcover, Recycled paper 260 gr, and Wir-O binding. Its price is right: just $25 at the moment.

Wrapping up


When a child is born, many gifts are often received. Some of these gifts can be useful and necessary, but others can be kept in the back of the closet and never be used.

Therefore, today we looked at a compilation of the best gifts for newborn babies—most of them, useful and helpful gifts for the newly released potatoes.

Keep in mind that in the theme of gifts, you have to pay attention to the needs of each family. For example, if the baby will be fed with breast milk or formula milk if they will practice sleeping, if they will use disposable or cloth diapers, or if they want to practice carrying or prefer to use only the baby carriage.