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7 Best Essential Oils To Use In A Diffuser

by William Gist

Essential oils are yet another one of those buzzwords that very few people know what it means. You either know about it or have no idea what so ever. And that goes the same for a diffuser.

But things get a lot clearer once you start talking about it. So, what exactly are essential oils and how are they used in a diffuser?

Well, to give you a short answer, essential oils are made out of ingredients that impact our senses. The smell is the first sense we develop even as we’re born, and these oils have aromas that can do more good than harm.


Some are used to balance hormones, stress, anxiety, put us to sleep, and even make us more productive. And to top it off, this isn’t some fairytale story; it’s very real and backed by science.

As for the diffuser part, it is nothing but an aromatic refresher that turns your room into a wonderful and exotic spa.

Now that we’ve somewhat cleared the water, let’s talk about the best essential oils to use in a diffuser.

1.  Chamomile


These oils are made from various ingredients that impact us differently. Some essential oils are better for headaches, stress, PMS, and some, like Chamomile, which is great for when needing to calm a racing mind.

This oil is excellent when feeling restless and simply cannot fall asleep.

Restless nights are very common and a lot of people struggle with it. Naturally, we’d try everything under the sun and still won’t fall asleep.

However, we’ve been trying the wrong things this whole time. A few drops of chamomile in your diffuser and you’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time. This oil is so great that it can calm a racing mind, reduce anxiety, reduce stress, and even help us with stomach aches.

2.  Grapefruit


It’s living hell whenever we’re on our periods. From constantly being flooded with emotions, to menstrual pain, and not to mention all the blood, we’re desperate to find a way to ease PMS.

Well, it turns out that these oils are great when needing to do just that. All you have to do is get a bottle of Grapefruit Essential Oil and put it in your diffuser.

But what’s so great about this product? Well, the main selling point of Grapefruit is its uplifting aroma. This aroma is capable of reducing stress and relieving anxiety, calm you, and uplift you.

To put it shortly, this product is great whenever you need to balance your emotional imbalances caused by PMS. Also, it puts an end to menstrual cramps and it eliminates irritation.

To top it off, it’s great whenever you need a quick energy boost to get you going through the day.

3.  Lavender


We all know what lavender is and everyone knows how beneficial it can be. Lavender is quite possibly the best thing ever when it comes to needing to relax.

When used in a diffuser, it will put you in a state of relaxation that would be hard to get out. If you have trouble falling asleep, a few drops of lavender will put you in a coma.

But lavender is used for far more than to help you relax and sleep. This essential oil is great for treating headaches. A few minutes spent in a room that has a lavender diffuser and you’ll say goodbye to your headaches.

Traditionally, lavender has been used to treat bug bites. Since our skin swells and itches every time a nasty bug decides to take a bite, lavender was the ideal option to prevent any of that.

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4. Peppermint


Peppermint is the real deal when it comes to alleviating headaches. Sure, lavender does help but peppermint is the absolute best thing when it comes to doing just that.

But not just headaches, peppermint is the ideal solution when needing to alleviate all kinds of pain while doing it through inhalation. Since we’ll be using a diffuser to do so, peppermint should be on your shopping list.

This essential oil will help with everything related to headaches, migraines, joint pain, cramps, etc. This is because peppermint as an ingredient has been found to stimulate our nervous system to a degree that we effectively feel less pain.

Peppermint is also great for seasonal problems such as sinus headaches, cold, etc.

This is a very powerful essential oil that many people put in their diffusers whenever needing to cure some of these ailments.

5.  Frankincense


Have you ever wondered how to naturally cope with depression or anxiety? If so, then the clear and obvious answer is frankincense essential oil.

This remedy is so powerful in treating both anxiety and depression that completely replace any medicine that you’re currently using. This oil acts as something of a sedative for the mind.

When paired with other oils, for example, ylang ylang, it can be a powerful blend that could open your mind and promote confidence, self-awareness, and even improve your focus levels.

The calming effects of frankincense are like no other, so much that it will take care of mild mental issues.

6.  Tea Tree


Tea tree is a wonderful addition to your essential oil mix since it is very different than the rest of the oils mentioned. Unlike the others, tea tree is used to treat wounds. Tea tree also has antibacterial and antifungal properties, making it great for treating athlete’s foot and various skin infections.

Naturally, tea tree works best when put in a diffuser to eliminate operate as an antibacterial barrier.

7.  Lemongrass


This oil is best when needing some self-cleansing. Lemongrass as an ingredient is great for purifying the skin and even a popular face mask ingredient.

However, lemongrass is also great for a variety of things; of which you can put in a diffuser to reap the benefits. Some include boosting your mood, improving your self-esteem, and even relieving anxiety.