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6 Easy Gift Presentation Ideas For Valentine’s Day

by Nina Smith

A gift of love is what defines the day of love. Valentine’s day is all about gifting. The gift to your beloved must be such that the latter remembers it and cherishes it for life. It is not necessary that a gift is not always about perfection; Instead it is about the presentation. The boxing, wrapping, decorations, embellishments are what make a gift stand out. The prettier the gift box, the prettier the sight of the gift recipient’s smile.

Even though there are a plethora of valentine’s gifting options, you just cannot expect to simply hand over a gift item to your love, right? Imagine someone giving you a gift without any packaging!! Without any charm or appeal, would you feel good about receiving just the product? The look of the gift must be such that even if there is nothing inside the box, the presentation must be beautiful enough. A proper and a pretty presentation adds charm to the gift always. 

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Gift wrapping is a priority when it comes to occasions like Valentine’s day. The day of love is about choosing the perfect gift. But the most important step is to choose the perfect wrap and embellishments for the wrapped gift. The gift wrapping has to be done with utmost love and affection. You just do not want to hand over a gift to your significant other just for the sake of it. You obviously want your love to feel happy and special, especially on the “day”. 

One more thing to be kept in mind is that since it is valentine’s day doesn’t necessarily mean the gift packaging must be red in color. Yes, it is true that red signifies love, but it is also true that too much red on a gift won’t be visually appealing at all. There are a variety of styles and colors to make your gift look perfect. The decorations can be of any color whatsoever. There are many easy ways all around the world to make a gift look presentable. There are some ways and ideas that you can think of if you plan on sending gifts to the most favourite person of your life. For instance, if you want to add cut-outs of mini hearts on your gift, then instead of opting for red color, you can choose any other shade like golden. 

1. Heart Cut Out Gift Wrapping 

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Looking at the image, you might get confused initially regarding the entire gifting process. In reality, it is not that difficult or inconvenient a process. All you need to do is:

  1. Get a gift
  2. Grab a gift wrapper of any color
  3. Draw heart shapes on the wrapper, of size of your choice with a pencil
  4. Use a blade to cut the outlines of the heart
  5. Wrap the paper around your gift. 

The result will look exactly as the image below. Though one thing you got to take care of is that you need to place something below the gift wrapper while cutting the outlines. You just do not want the table to get scratched in the process, right!!    

2. Gift Wrapped Books

Source: mochacasa.com

This way of gift wrapping can be done if you want either gift books or chocolates. Well, don’t restrict the gifts to just them. You can opt for other gift items as well. Though anything that has a rectangular shape will be a good fit for this style of wrapping. 

  1. You just have to select a beautiful fluorescent wrapping paper for the gifts. 
  2. Wrap them
  3. Wrap the entire gift wrapped set with a band of white paper. You can beautify the white paper with a text of your own, in your handwriting. 
  4. Voila!! Your gift is ready. 

If your partner is a bibliophile, then imagine the happiness and excitement on his or her face on receiving this wholesome valentine day gift!! The best part about this gift is that it opens easily. The recipient does not have to struggle much while unwrapping it. This gift wrapping idea is simple yet it is attractive and appealing in its own beautiful ways. 

3. Rubber Stamp Decorations On Gifts

Source: pinterest.com

Oh well! This is the easiest of all gifting ideas. All you have to do is gather a pencil with an eraser on it and some paints.

  1. Cut out the rubber in any shape that you want your design to be
  2. Dip the cut out in the paint
  3. Stamp the paint on the gift wrap to refurbish it

If you want the package to look cute, then you can choose to cut out the rubber in heart shape.

4. Fabric Gift Pouch

Source: aspoonfulofsugardesigns.com

This is one of the best ways to give someone jewelry or any small item. This kind of a gift has a personal touch to it. If such a gift is given to someone, especially to your beloved, then she will indeed love it. You just have to make a pouch out of a cotton fabric. Tie it with a cute ribbon, and attach a personalized note to the gift.    

5. Garlands Of Heart On A Gift Wrap

Source: pinterest.com

You can give a well-decorated gift box to your beloved with this DIY gift wrap. You need to either purchase heart shaped paper cutouts from the market or you can even draw heart shapes on a foam paper (foamcore) and cut out the shape. 

  1. Punch holes in the middle of the hearts
  2. Insert a multicolored thick thread or even a wool through these holes, just as in the case of garlands
  3. Wrap the thread around the gift
  4. Your pretty gift wrap is now ready!

6. Word Search Wrapping Paper

Source: giftano.com

Who doesn’t love playing the game word search!! Surprise your beloved with this unique gift wrapped gift. All you need to do is create your own word search game and print it on the gift wrapper of your choice.

  1. Use a plain gift wrapping paper
  2. Print your customized word search layout
  3. Wrap this paper around the gift
  4. You may also attach a handwritten note on the gift

This might actually be an interesting way to surprise your beloved. You can use this gift presentation as a way to make unwrapping of the gift more interesting for her. You can choose to use words based on your love story. 

You might be wondering where you can get these customized word search spread! You can check out sites like Discovery Education, or even The Word Search. Though there are other similar sites that you can choose from.

If gifts are given in a proper way, the presentation is beautiful then it adds on to the charm and value of the gift. Even if the gift box is empty, the box must be so decorated that the receiver gets enchanted looking at the box. And he or she doesn’t even feel like unboxing and spoiling the presentation. GiftstoIndia24x7 has a plethora of gifts in order to fulfil your valentine’s gifting needs. It’s wide delivery network makes it much easier for your gifts to reach your loved ones staying in any nook and corner of India. For more gifting options and customized designer boxes, you can now click here.