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Gift Ideas For Rakhi That Will Make Your Sibling Happy

by Sinke Car

There’s one Indian festival associated with fun and gifts and that’s Rakhi. Though traditionally, after “aarti”, sisters tie rakhis on their brothers’ wrists and then place a tilak is on the brothers’ forehead. The brother then vows to take care of his sister and gives her a small gift.


This gift-giving custom has gone places over the past few years and there’s no end to the imagination of shopkeepers as to what can be gifted on this occasion. So, with this occasion just around the corner, it’s time to think of what sisters can receive as gifts this year, probably something cool, or something solid or just plain wacky. Here are a few choices for you:

Membership to a gym

If your sister’s been a slob about going to gym and putting off the evil date, it’s time to get her moving now. Gift her membership to a prestigious gym and perhaps she’ll be motivated enough to get active.

Silver jewelry


All the sisters love jewelry. It doesn’t need to be gold nor even costume, but something in between. So, how about some silver jewelry? It’s almost as precious as gold and twinkles and sparkles as much. You can get them in beautiful Indian and contemporary designs, so choose the one you think she may like and gift it to her.


Don’t ever think the days of cameras are past and now your phone can double up as a camera. If you’ve got a photographer’s instinct, you’ll want a good camera that takes far and near shots beautifully. Besides, digital cameras with modern features are in great demand, so why not present your sister with one?


Gift coupon

If one’s sister is a foodie, a bookworm or loves to have new clothes, makeup or bags, it’s best to gift her one of these to make her day perfect. Perhaps, brothers may not be able to choose what she may like, so it pays to play it safe with a gift coupon, so she can decide what she wants.

These are some gift ideas for sisters on Rakhi. Oftentimes, however, we find that one’s work takes one to cities away from home, thus putting a distance between brother and sister. But that isn’t a problem anymore, what with Rakhi Express Delivery now a reality. All you need to do is to get in touch with a good courier company that will deliver the rakhi on or before the big day.


Another good time-saving option is to explore online stores. Just grab your phone and place your order and your love will be there to your brother within no time. Rakhibazaar.com is one of the most popular online stores that offer Online Rakhi services to many locations worldwide, and it is extremely popular in Bangalore mainly due to the convenience factor.

In fact, online you get to choose from a variety of rakhis. These days there are various types of rachis in the market, including designer rakhis. If you like the idea of gifting one, with its typical design, accessories like beads, etc, used and other factors, you can opt for them.


Close relationships are kept alive with gifts of love and appreciation that nothing in the whole world can replace. So, to keep one’s love for one’s sister alive, it’s a good idea to celebrate festivals like Rakhi which strengthen the brother-sister bond.