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Get Biased Free Healthcare As Opposed To Doctors Constantly Prescribing Antibiotics

by Ingeborg

Medicines play a huge part in healthcare delivery. They can be quite expensive and their irrational use is a big problem for many aspects. We need to learn to use medicines rationally. Otherwise, we will be wasting scarce resources which could be followed by poor health delivery.

There are a number of things that will be explained in this article such as good prescribing and dispensing of medicines, their rational use and other information that could be useful for everyone, especially health professionals, doctors, patients…


If appropriately used, medicines can help in curing various types of diseases, relieve symptoms, and help patients not to suffer from pain. A high number of health systems all around the globe are faced with a serious problem of irrational use of medicines. It is estimated that more than half of all medicines are not appropriately prescribed or sold, by The World health organization. In addition, a huge number of patients fail to take them correctly. This issue needs to be addressed publicly so everyone could collaborate in fixing the problem.

Both medical and consumers perspectives have to be considered in order for people to try to consume pharmaceutical medications more rationally.


First of all, the problem starts during the process of diagnosis and therapy prescription. Proper prescribing is one that advises a medicine appropriate to the patient’s health condition. While prescribing, doctors should maximize effectiveness, minimize risks, minimize the price and respect consumers’ choices — irrational prescribing means under-prescribing, over-prescribing, incorrect and multiple prescribing. We must stop the pressure on health providers to advise medicines when they are not needed, especially antibiotics.

When that part is finished, the dispensing process is when patients receive their prescription. It is usually done by a trained pharmacist or technician and needs to be done correctly. The patient has to understand the risks and benefits of certain medication before consuming it.


It is very important that there is trust between the doctor and his patient. Patients rely on their doctors to help them make decisions that could save their life. There has been a downfall in this relationship over the last couple of years. The public is losing their trust in doctors since they think they are driven for profit. Some are trying to become rich by recommending unsafe products. Diseases are becoming more complicated and people deserve someone who they could trust and feel like their lives matter. All doctors need to realize and remember to keep the patient’s health in focus and regain their trust.


Doctors are pressured to prescribe antibiotics from various pharmaceutical companies. Those who work online are globally based and cannot recommend medications so you will always get an unbiased answer if you ask them for opinion. If you have any questions about your health, go to yourdoctors.online website. They will provide you with accurate information that could help you make a decision about your health care.