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Why Do My Gel Nails Peel Off?

by Nina Smith

Getting a fresh set of gel nails done is truly a great feeling as your nails will be looking glamourous. Plus, the best thing about it is when you visit a specialist last longer. The gel polish may look good on you, nevertheless, it may begin to start peeling off as a result of various reasons. We spoke to online beauty directory, Your Beauty Review, about the numerous different reason that could be meaning your gel nails are not lasting as long as they should.

Reasons gel nails peel off

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For your gel nails to peel off means something is or went wrong during the application/aftercare. Some of the main reasons for the peeling are:

1. Uncured and over cured nail gel polish

This typically happens if the lamp used when applying gel nail polish is not 100% compatible with the used gel polish. The lamp may also have an inaccurate or faulty wavelength spectrum and no matter what your nails cannot be cured. This is important as it means that not all the lamps can cure gel nails as some have to be specifics. Moreover, your nails may fail to cure as a result of bad positioning in the lamp. Also, over-curing of the gel nails can occur hence making them fragile and can peel anytime.

2. Too oily hands

When your hands are too oily this can mean they will be over-slippery. This will make it difficult and unnecessarily challenging for the gel polish to stick hence peeling off sooner than expected.

3. Unhealthy nails

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Our hands play a major role when presented for gel polishing. If your nails are damaged and unhealthy, gel polish will not be a good idea to apply until you have treated the problem. Your nails may be prone to splits as a result of dryness, diet, or medication. Furthermore, some chemicals used as nail polish remover can be harsh to your nails. Some of these chemicals can include acetone which is widely used by people throughout the UK. They are known for causing dryness and if your hands are already usually dry, there is no need for using them.

Damaged nails can also be due to nail-biting. Biting your nails will result in your gel nails becoming destroyed completely as they will be left in bad shapes. Another factor to consider is also poor maintenance of nails which leads to poor planning when you want them painted.

4. Extremely moisturized nails

Applying the polish when your nails are wet, or your hands must swell highly contributes to them peeling off. This is because when they dry out, they typically tend to reduce in size which can end up in them peeling off. Also, after painting your nails try to avoid washing off particles, it is the wrong thing to do. Do not also wash your hair, wash dishes, or do any kind of cleaning using water during this time. This happens to be the one of the key causes of gel nails peeling off.

5. Improper coverage of the base coat on the nail

The base coat coverage can usually be tricky as if it is poorly applied, peeling and chippings occur. This happens due to poor lighting hence you cannot see what you are doing. This leads to less keenness, hence you cannot properly focus on the corners and edges.

6. Too thick of a coat being applied

When your gel nail polish coat is too thick, the underneath layers can become too soft, leading to peeling. Besides, an overly-thick coating may not fully cure and result in your nails getting smudged.

Solutions to why gel nails peel off

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• Avoid using harsh chemical treatments such as acetone on your nails if they are sensitive. Take care of your nails from any harsh environment as it will lead them to split or incur other damages. Always use gel polish and a remover that suits your hands. Make sure they are in good shape before painting them. If not, ensure they are healed before painting.
• If you have started to experience allergies or negative side effects from too much nail polishing or nail cracks, take a break from painting them or do some research online and try finding a gel nail polish that does not lead to a reaction.
• When preparing to polish your nails make sure they are oil and moisture-free. This happens when you dry your hands and you need to be careful as too dry hands have no difference from wet ones. Alcohol wipes and rubbing alcohol are great when it comes to drying your hands. Also, you may try to wear gloves when doing any kind of washing.
• Avoid the application of cuticle oil when you are preparing to polish your nails. Also, avoid touching your nails when painting them as you will be transferring unnecessary oils to the fingertips. In the long-term, this will affect its ability to properly stick and lead to an uneven finish or lead to oily hands.
• Make sure you do not skip applying the gel base coats. They are made to bond with your nails and the topcoat blends with it naturally. If you skip that process, then your gel nail will not last long!
• Try to use different kinds of lamps by taking a short amount of time when they are curing. This may make a difference as some lamps are incompatible with some gel polish.

Final thoughts

Gel nail polish is extremely popular and can help transform your look and boost your confidence after a single application. The reason it is so popular is it’s cost-effective and easy to apply from the comfort of your own home. However, no matter how many times you’ve painted your nails, results may not come out as expected and they start to peel off. For this you have to follow the simple solutions we’ve provided to address your problems. Follow these steps, and your gel nail peeling issues should be a thing of the past!