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5 Flower Arrangement Tips To Make Your Bouquets More Interesting

by Jovica Radulovich

Bored of giving the same old-school bouquets as gifts? In this article, you’ll find some interesting ideas to make it unique and exciting.

Whether it be a wedding or a funeral, flowers are not forgotten. The type and color of the flowers used for different occasions may differ, but the significance remains the same. Flowers are not only considered essential for decoration purposes but also gifting purposes.

Flower bouquets and baskets are usually prepared to give as gifts. They can be personalized as per the preferred choice of flowers. You can also add many new elements to it for an exciting touch. Check out a flower delivery Melbourne store and you can find here some ideas for making your flower bouquet attractive. This article will guide you through what measures you need to take while selecting flowers and how you can make your bouquet unique.

Things You Need To Keep In Mind While Selecting Flowers For The Bouquet

While selecting the blooms for the bouquet, you must make sure that you choose fresh, unique, and long-lasting flowers. The colors and the sizes of the flowers also matter.

  • Examining The Petals

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You need to pick each flower yourself if you want your bouquet to be perfect. Examine all the petals of the flower before selecting them. Make sure you don’t see any dark spots and dry ends on the flowers. If you see dryness, the flowers have lost their prime blooming time and will dry up anytime soon. Ensure fresh and adequately cut flowers are in the bunch of flowers.

  • Seasonal Flowers Are A Good Choice.

Choosing seasonal flowers for your bouquet doesn’t just increase the aesthetic element, but it’s also affordable during its peak season. Certain flowers, like peonies, are available only in season and are sought after during that time. Flowers in their blooming season are available in abundance, and the best quality is available. If you want your bouquet to be appealing, go for seasonal flowers.

  • Don’t Finalize The Colors Already.

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When going for a flower purchase, don’t have your mind set on particular colors. They will always surprise you. The rose of the red shade you saw at the florist yesterday may not be the same today. Also, you need to be very creative when choosing the flowers’ colors for the bouquet. Any flower looks beautiful in it, regardless of color, if appropriately arranged.

  • Purchasing Buds

While picking the flower, take buds that have not yet opened completely. The flower won’t last long if they have almost bloomed buds. Go for closed buds only and see that you check the stem of the flower. It should be wet as it means that it was kept in water for preservation.

These are things you need to keep in mind before selecting the flower. The bunch should be fresh and lively.

Tips To Make Your Bouquets Interesting

Bouquets are primarily used for gifting purposes or et in vases at home. If you are gifting a bouquet, it should symbolize your emotions and relationships. If you want the recipient to remember your gift, it should not be any ordinary one, and you need to take some extra effort into arranging it. Some of the tips are listed here.

  • Adding Chocolates

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You can add some extra sweetness to your bouquet. Instead of an all-flower bunch, add some chocolates to it. You also get ready-made chocolate bouquets in the market. They are widely used for gifting. You can combine both and make them attractive. You Can add chocolates like Ferrero rocher, Lindt, M&M, etc. To give a more personalized touch to your bouquet, you can make chocolates at home and add them to the bunch.

  • Illuminating

The illuminating tyes are very trendy these days. People like to lighten everything with LED lights. You can do the same for your bouquet. You can make an illuminating bouquet using led lights. You can add LED light strips in it. If you want to keep it classy and elegant, ut white and yellow-colored lights. Depending on the occasion and event, you can choose the color of the LED light.

  • Scented Flowers

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To make the bunch full of fragrance and scent, use scented flowers. You can go with fresh and new blooms for such type a bouquet. If you know the liking of the recipient, you can buy those particular scented flowers. However, if you need a desired fragrance, you can always add an artificial scent to the bouquet. But anytime, the natural smell of the blossoms is the best. The advantage of the scented bouquet is that a person willingly keeps it in their room/house. However, while going for scented flowers, you need to be aware of the allergies of the receiver.

  • Birth Flower Bouquet

Certain flowers are allotted to BIrth months. If you are gifting a flower bouquet on a birthday, this is the perfect type of bouquet you can make. For instance, it’s carnation for January, iris for February, poinsettia for December, and so on. Such a bouquet would make it very meaningful and exciting.

  • Personal Message

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If you want to make your bouquet a personalized and unique gift, you can add a greeting or a card with a message. The message can be a wish or something that you want to convey. You can also add riddles to the bouquet to make the recipient think and make it like a fun activity.

If you follow any of these, you can make a memorable and interesting bouquet.


Flower bouquets generally seem very dull and uninteresting when it comes to gifts. However, because of the wide variety of flora, bouquets have come into the picture again. Also, there are a number of ideas that you can apply to make your bouquets one of its kind. It all comes down to how you arrange your flowers and what all you include in your bouquet.

This article guides you through some things that you should know before buying flowers for your bouquet and the tips that you can follow for a customized and special bouquet.