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How To Fix Swimming Pool Cracks?

by William Gist

Are you thinking about installing a swimming pool as a last-minute rescue before future heat waves? Or maybe you’ve had a pool for years but it needs renovation? The fact is that long-term ownership of the pool and its maintenance require certain investments.

Especially if over time it happens that the concrete base in the pool begins to collapse and leak water. Therefore, we will “wave” things a bit – and look at what economic solutions to decide when it comes to swimming pools. We will also take a look at how to repair cracks in the pool if they appear.

Pools Require Renovation


Renovating your pool can be hard, expensive, but also a very creative experience. Whether it is a simple desire to change the existing appearance or it is a necessary need for repairs due to dilapidation – you will certainly enjoy the view of a different building at the end of the task.

As with the beginning of any other construction – all existing factors should be considered when renovating. Once you start such a job, you should take the opportunity to change what you did not plan now, but it would probably be your turn next year. So, when approaching the renovation of the pool, try to eliminate all possible shortcomings in the course of that work, so that you do not expose yourself to costs next year as well.

What Are The Most Common Pool Repairs?


Depending on the type of pool – regular maintenance is needed. There are some repairs that inevitably occur over time. However, most users who have a pool – own those with a concrete bottom. Therefore, we will look at some of the most common items when it comes to fixing such a pool.

Finishing Coatings


Over time, the pool coating will become worn out, discolored, darkened, etc. That usually happens due to an inadequate balance of water and minerals in the water. Sometimes this problem can be solved by a simple acid wash that will remove the top layer and leave a clean surface, which is why removing the coating or renovation will not be necessary.

What Does It Mean In Practice?

This means that when making a decision to change the coating, you should take a good look and evaluate the actual situation. If all your attempts to clean the existing one do not yield results – then you will probably make a decision to change it. The financial expense includes removing the old cladding – which is a more significant amount.

This is especially true for the old claddings made of tiles. This type of work includes a later check of the condition of the existing waterproofing. That is very important because they can be damaged during the removal of the tiles. Also, many people still have some of the older versions of the swimming pools, where some of those do not even have waterproofing. That means that the renovation will have to include making a waterproofing layer.

Cracks In The Swimming Pool


Pools made of engineered concrete, a type of cement, are subject to cracking even with little time from construction. It is the material under the pool liner. Periodic maintenance is needed to keep the pool in good condition. Cracks, hollow parts, and debris are common in these pools, but you can solve these problems.

Namely, these cracks often occur due to the age of the pool and the deterioration of the material. You can solve some of these problems yourself, but the help of professionals is always recommended. Depending on where you live, your house and the pool may be situated in a seismic area. Frequent shifting of the ground can also create very serious cracks in your pool – so the help of experts is necessary if you want to have a more permanent solution to the problem.

Significance Of Good Waterproofing


Waterproofing prices are completely different in the market. You can find almost everything: From cheap materials with a simplified version of the application in one layer – to flexible rubberized structures with reinforcing mesh and applications in two layers that can withstand movements of over 3-4 mm.

Certainly, for this type of serious work, it is necessary to hire a professional company. You can learn more about the pool renovation and see why the choice of the pool company is so significant. You should bear in mind that this is a serious and not too cheap job – and therefore you must keep in mind the smart choice of associates.

Why Is Waterproofing That Much Important?


Waterproofing is especially important today when we are witnessing devastating earthquakes of greater intensity. Therefore, if you have already done everything to protect your new house or villa – then why would you allow the pool to suffer. Of course, it is up to everyone to decide on the quality in which they want to invest.

However, expert opinions and economic calculations say that waterproofing is one of the places where you should not save. Once installed, there are no more repairs, but if it is not of good quality, it can indirectly cause great damage. After the inspection and renovation of the waterproofing, everyone has the right to choose the tiles according to their taste and vision.

Bottom Line


Cracks are a normal thing in concrete construction. Like many other building elements, it is somewhat resilient. Different types of cracks will appear in the built-in pool concrete over time. When concrete is overloaded with pool volume or occasional ground movements – there is a real possibility that it will crack and decay over time.

Then you have to plug the cracks or do a complete pool renovation. Even with a complete renovation, certain checks must be done. Namely, the occurrence of cracking is essentially a complex process. It depends on several things such as the resistance of the material, elasticity – and many other factors.

While most types of cracking do not compromise the stability and longevity of the structure – cracks in pools are ugly and in extreme cases can reduce the stability and usability of the pool structure. Therefore, it should be kept to a minimum.