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How Do Suction Cups Work?

by William Gist

Suction pads or cups are handheld devices that are used to safely attach or move objects from one place to another. They can be put on any flat surface and they are used in almost every industry, as well as homes.

In this article, we are going to tell you more about how these devices work, what they do, and why we need them. Continue reading if you want to learn more about the benefits you could get from using them, and how they can make your life easier.

How do they work?


The way these devices work is that they don’t attach themselves automatically to a surface. In most cases, they are handheld, or they can be fastened on the equipment to, later on, be attached to a product or different surfaces.

They use a vacuum to grasp different objects and they stay secure until a person detaches them using the leveler or a secure button. It is said that the greater the surface, or the place is, the better the suction is going to be. When the air is drawn out between this device and the surface beneath it, the vacuum makes sure that the cup stays in place.

There are a lot of different types of them, and they can be smaller or larger, depending on the use. They can be made of different materials, but the ones we see usually are made of silicone or rubber. If you are interested in knowing more about the shape and form of suction cups, you can click here.

Even though there are different types of cups, they work in the same way. When they are pressed on a flat surface, the air is forced out, and with that, a vacuum is formed. To safely detach them, you need to break the seal and let the air in again. The great thing about them is that there are little to no chances for air to penetrate without us letting it in. This can only happen if the unit is old, or if it is placed on an uneven or porous surface.

Where are they used and why do we need them?

Now let’s see how these devices are used, and why they are used in many homes, industries, and almost every factory.

Windows and glass objects


One of the biggest uses these cups have is to help with fitting windows. Glass is extremely sharp, and when we do things by hand, we risk injuring ourselves or breaking the glass. Because of that, installers use suction cups to help them move the products with ease and installing them correctly.

They are used for many different types of glass, including windshields. When a car windshield needs to be replaced, it needs to be done carefully and in limited space, so mechanics need all the help they can get. With the suction cups, they are able to safely grip any broken pieces that are left, and then to install the new product on the car fast and with ease.


The next most common use of suction cups is to help clean and maintain surfaces. If you’ve ever cleaned a huge window, you know how long and complex this process is, and things are even worse when you have to maintain and clean a whole building. Most window cleaners use these cups to help them move around with ease, to secure all the equipment, and to even hold themselves and the windows in place to get the job done.

Another use that the cups have is to secure things on windows and cars. Many people use them to safely put different objects on moving vehicles and some of the rotating lights the police have are secured on top of their cars with these cups. They can also be used on airplanes and their grip is good enough so nothing will get damaged during the flight, and it won’t get loose.

The movie industry and production processes


The next use we are going to talk about is actually a really interesting one. Have you ever wondered how the movie sets are made and how every vehicle can move in the same direction as the camera without any vibrations and glitches? Well, the answer is suction cup. They are used in pretty much every action movie to help with the right shots, and they are used every time a scene is made inside a moving vehicle. The next time you watch behind the scenes video, try to look for these small devices that make the whole production easier.


While we are talking about different industries, we have to mention that these devices are used pretty much everywhere. Another really beneficial thing when using these devices is that people and machines can easily pick the weight up with them. In many production lines, they are fastened on the machines and they are used to transport materials and products from one place to another with ease. This is especially important if you are handling breakable and easily damageable objects, and you have to be extremely careful about how you transport them.

Most of the suction cups can easily lift up to 300 pounds just with one cup, so if you combine 5 or 10 of them, you can move pretty much anything including vehicles. They are a great tool in most big companies and in almost every production facility. They can be handheld or they can be put on different robots or machines so tasks can get done on time.

Home use


You can find the suction cups in most of the homes as well. Some TV manufacturing companies use them to fasten their products and to install them on different surfaces. They are also used in small mirrors that can be fastened on larger ones, and they are generally used when people want to install something without drilling a hole in the wall.


Last but not least, the suction cups are used in many aquariums, in the manufacturing process, during the installation and to even add different things in it so that all the fishes can swim without using harmful materials.

Now you know more about suction cups, why we are using them, and how they work. You can go around your home and see how many products you own that use a suction cup, and the next time you go for a walk or turn the TV on, see if you can spot them.