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6 Tips How To Find Reliable Commercial Concrete And Excavation Services, According to Dallas Nugent – 2024 Guide

by William Gist

Any major construction project requires many things before it can come to fruition. One of the first steps towards finishing a construction project is finding a commercial excavation service. Unless you want to grab a shovel or a spade and start digging all by yourself, you’re going to need to find a company with the right machinery so that you can finish that part in no time.

Naturally, like any other service that you want to hire, before you do, you want to make sure you find a reliable one. The last thing you’d want is to be stuck with someone incompetent who doesn’t get their job done right.

Advice From A Professional

Commercial concrete and excavation services do a lot more than just digging and pouring in some concrete. Their job is a lot more complicated than that. According to Roland and Dallas Nugent, seasoned veterans in this industry, a reliable contractor in this line of business must also collaborate with the client and do their job professionally and swiftly, amongst other things.

Nugents have been doing this for years now, and over the course of their career, they’ve worked on many projects, from excavating ground for a major business project to retails stores and warehouses. In all of them, their duties involved digging, hauling away dirt, removing contaminated soil, bracing the excavation for a building or other large structure etc.

Now, let’s take a look at some additional tips on how to find a reliable excavation service.

1. Do Your Research

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First things first, you want to start by doing an online search of all the excavation services in your area. This should give you a good idea of where to start and what are your options. At this point, you’ll want to look at the ones that have the best reviews online and are most beloved by their previous customers.

Reading the reviews can be a great way to find a reliable service for anything, especially when it comes to jobs like these. You’ll get to read first-hand experiences from people that have already used the services you’re interested in, and from there, you’ll be able to find the ones that match your needs.

Keep in mind, if you stumble upon stellar reviews across the board, that could usually be the sign of false reviews. The same thing applies if you only see bad reviews. No product or service is perfect. Therefore, reviews can’t be perfect, as well. Focus on the ones that aren’t too good or too bad as those usually paint the realistic picture.

2. Ask For Recommendations

Now, since you can’t ever be certain whether an online review is real or fake, your next best option would be to ask your friends, family or colleagues if they have any recommendations. To be fair, you don’t require these services all too often, so not everyone will be able to give you a good recommendation. But, on the other hand, everyone knows a guy that knows a guy and that could very well happen in your case, too.

Hearing a recommendation from someone that has cooperated with a company that offers services you require is arguably the best way to find a reliable service. If you know a person who’s giving the recommendation and you value their opinion, chances are, you’re going to end up with a reliable excavation service at your disposal.

3. Know What Kind Of Excavation Services You Need

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Another quite important thing to keep in mind is that not every excavation is the same and not all companies do the same things. For instance, there is a service called channel excavation, which includes the removal of dirt from canals or drainage ditches.

If you’re building a house, you don’t need these kinds of service. In those situations, you need footing excavation services. These are the ones that are used when you need a foundation. These are also very precise, unlike some others, like channel ones we’ve mentioned.

4. Check The Contractors Work Experience

If you’ve managed to find a contractor to provide you with concrete and excavation services and you’re considering hiring them, you might want to check how experienced they are. Ideally, you want someone with years of experience. In this line of work, experience is critical. If you hire someone that hasn’t dealt with this particular soil or on a project of this magnitude, they might do things the wrong way.

On the other hand, a contractor with years of experience has already dealt with all kinds of situations and has been involved in numerous projects and in the case something bad happens – they’ll certainly know how to deal with the problem and overcome it.

The best way to find out how experienced the company you’re considering is by going through their portfolio. If you see that they’ve successfully pulled off various projects similar to yours, you can feel free to hire them.

5. Check For Proper Equipment

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Commercial concrete and excavation services work with all kinds of special equipment that allows them to do their jobs professionally. Now, you might not know a lot about this equipment, but you can ask the contractor to tell you about it.

If they say they work with the latest and greatest equipment available, that’s usually a good sign that they’re willing to invest in their company and work on becoming better at their jobs every single day. On the other hand, if you’re met with “don’t worry, we have suitable equipment” or “that is not something for you to think about”, you’re probably better off looking the other way.

6. Check For Licences And Insurance

Not everyone can just buy an excavator and start digging holes. To obtain a licence and certification that proves that you can do the job, you must pass a knowledge and skill test to show that you can actually do your job. If the contractor has a valid licence, chances are, they’re reliable.

Also, ask if the company is insured and bonded. In case something goes wrong, you need to know that your interests will be protected and that your money will be returned, so ask about this, as well.


Those were our tips on how to find reliable concrete and excavation services. Hopefully, we have managed to help you in more ways than one.