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Where to Find Inspiration When Redesigning a House?

by Kim Marks

Embarking on a house redesign journey transforms your living space into a personal sanctuary. However, finding the right inspiration to start can be a daunting task. Whether you’re looking for a complete overhaul or just a few touches to refresh your space, this blog will guide you through various sources to spark your creativity. From the serenity of nature to the dynamic world of social media, we’ll explore diverse avenues that can help you envision and create a home that reflects your unique style and needs.

Look to Nature

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Nature is a boundless source of inspiration for house redesign. The calming blues of the ocean, the rich earthy tones of the forest, or the vibrant hues of a blooming garden can guide your color palette and choice of materials. Incorporating elements like wood, stone, or natural fibers, with the help of a floor plan creator, can create a calming and organic feel in your home. Consider large windows to bring in natural light, use plants for a touch of greenery, or choose colors and textures that mimic the outdoors.

Home Improvement Shows

Home improvement shows are a goldmine of ideas and inspiration. They not only showcase incredible transformations but also provide expert advice and reveal the latest trends in home design. Watching these shows can help you visualize possibilities for your own space, learn practical remodeling tips, and understand the potential challenges and solutions in home redesign. Shows like these often feature before-and-after segments, giving you a clear sense of how different design choices can impact a space. They can be particularly useful for understanding how to make the most of small spaces, incorporate smart home technology, or choose sustainable materials.

Online Home Decor Websites

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Websites dedicated to home decor offer an endless stream of inspiration. With a vast array of styles, from sleek contemporary to cozy traditional, these sites feature numerous photos, articles, and how-to guides for every aspect of home design. They often provide detailed information on where to purchase specific items or how to emulate a particular style, making it easier for you to replicate a desired look in your own home. Additionally, many of these websites offer interactive tools that allow you to create virtual room layouts, experiment with different color schemes, and visualize furniture in your space, helping you to plan and execute your redesign with confidence.

Magazines and Books

Interior design magazines and books are timeless resources for inspiration. They not only highlight the latest trends but also offer a deep dive into various design styles and philosophies. Through stunning photography and detailed articles, these publications can spark ideas for color schemes, furniture selection, and room layouts. They often feature interviews with top designers, providing insights into their creative processes and tips for tackling common design challenges.

Visiting Showrooms

Visiting home furnishing showrooms offers a tangible experience that can inspire your house redesign. It allows you to see and feel different materials, understand how furniture pieces can fit into a space, and get a sense of scale and proportion. Showrooms often display furniture and decor in thoughtfully designed settings, providing you with real-world examples of how different elements can come together to create a cohesive look.

Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are a vibrant source of interior design trends and ideas. Platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Houzz allow you to explore a vast array of design styles, see real-life home makeovers, and discover new and innovative design products. Following interior designers, home decor influencers, and design brands can keep you updated on the latest trends and provide a steady stream of inspiration. These platforms also offer the opportunity to engage with a community of design enthusiasts, where you can share ideas, ask for advice, and gather feedback on your own design plans.

Personal Experiences

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Drawing from personal experiences and memories can add unique and meaningful touches to your house redesign. Incorporate elements that reflect your travels, hobbies, or cultural heritage to create a space that tells your story. This could be through artwork, photographs, souvenirs, or even color schemes and patterns that remind you of a special place or time. Personalizing your space in this way not only makes it more visually appealing but also ensures that your home feels genuinely yours, filled with items that have personal significance and evoke positive memories.

Ask Friends and Family

Seeking input and suggestions from friends and family can provide fresh perspectives and ideas for your house redesign. They might suggest design solutions you hadn’t considered or recommend resources and professionals they’ve had positive experiences with. Hosting a brainstorming session with loved ones can be both fun and fruitful, providing a wealth of ideas and potentially uncovering shared tastes and preferences. Additionally, getting feedback on your design ideas can help you refine your vision and make decisions with greater confidence.

Explore DIY Blogs

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DIY blogs are a treasure trove of practical tips and creative inspiration for house redesign. These blogs often document real-life projects, offering step-by-step guides, cost breakdowns, and honest accounts of the challenges and triumphs of DIY home improvement. Following DIY bloggers can provide you with a wealth of knowledge on budget-friendly design hacks, upcycling ideas, and how to tackle common renovation tasks. Many DIY blogs also have active communities where you can ask questions, share your own experiences, and connect with like-minded individuals who are passionate about home improvement.

Historic and Cultural Influences

Drawing inspiration from history and culture can add depth and character to your house redesign. Exploring different architectural styles, historic periods, or cultural design motifs can lead to a rich and eclectic aesthetic. Whether it’s incorporating Art Deco elements, embracing Scandinavian minimalism, or adding touches of traditional Japanese design, looking to the past can help you create a space that is both timeless and personal.


The journey of redesigning your house is filled with endless possibilities. From the calming embrace of nature to the dynamic world of social media, there are myriad sources of inspiration waiting to be explored. Whether you’re drawn to the tactile experience of showrooms, the visual feast of design books, or the personal touch of your own experiences, there’s a wealth of resources to help you craft a space that truly reflects your taste and lifestyle. So embark on this creative adventure with an open mind and heart, and watch as your house transforms into your dream home.