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Filthy Rich: Bill Gates Can Donate $15 To Every Person On The Planet And Have Plenty Of Money Left

by Nebojša Vujinović

source: Bill and Melinda Gates announced that they are divorcing in a modern way, via Twitter. They will traditionally divide the property, as there is no prenup, and many are wondering who will own what. After 27 years of marriage, the Gates family have amassed enormous wealth, and they also founded a foundation with an endowment worth 50 billion dollars.

Based on the wealth acquired in the last year, according to Business Insider, Bill Gates earns about 4,630 US dollars per second. This means that if he spent a million dollars a day, it would take him about 400 years to spend a fortune. It is also stated that he is richer than the British monarchy, and has more money than the richest Asian. And if he gave $15 to every person on the world, he would still have $ 28 billion.

source: assets.entrepreneur.com

Bill Gates, one of the five richest people in the world,  does not like to spend money on unnecessary things. In addition to companies, private jets, expensive cars, Bill Gates also owns real estates in many parts of the world.

Melinda and Bill Gates spend four million dollars a year on real estate taxes in the United States alone.

source: static01.nyt.com

The villa in Medina, overlooking Lake Washington, was built to measure for the Gates family. A modern, extravagant house, designed by “Bolin – Sivintsky – Jackson” and “Cutler-Anderson Architecture”.

In addition to numerous rooms, the villa also has 2,200 square meters of meeting offices and an underwater pool, a garage for several dozen cars, and an Art Deco theater with 20 seats.

There are also 2,500 square meters of health and wellness facilities with a gym and sauna, a 2,100 square meter library, sports fields, a stream full of salmon and trout, a boat dock, and a private beach on the sand lake brought from the island of Saint Lucia.

All this is accompanied by perfect technological equipment with audio-visual systems, sensors, lighting references, which are pre-programmed and strictly controlled.

source: i.dailymail.co.uk

The Gates family bought a luxury villa in Indian Wells in 1999 for $ 12.5 million. The couple also owns a luxury ranch in Santa Fe, California, a house on the oceanfront in Del Mar, and estates in Wyoming and Wellington.

After their death, children will inherit only $10 million each. Most of the money, Bill and Melinda decided to give into charities and to their organization.