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What Does An Executive Assistant Do?

by Nina Smith

It takes a lot of things for a company to be successful today. All the cubes must be arranged in the right way for the things in the company to function perfectly and for that to be reflected with a result outside of it. Every company leader wants his company to be the best. That is why he makes a strategy that will try to lead the subject among the best and most successful according to all parameters. But all this requires help from others.

The help and investment of the team are especially needed. The team consists first of all the closest associates of the leaders, and then all the other assistants and employees in the company who with their work try to contribute to the greatest possible success of the entity from which they come.

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The administrative part of the employees is the ones who move the whole thing. For better and more effective functioning, the companies divide the work responsibilities according to their character or, simply put, the work is divided according to their range by sectors that are already predetermined. So all the documents and letters can be found in the archive, you will find all the results in the accounting-financial sector, you will look for the analysis in the analytics sector, and the monitoring in the sector for supervision and control of expenditures. The success of each such task is credited only to the sector that consists of employees. But do they succeed in doing so themselves? Maybe there is someone else who is very important in the whole thing? Of course, there is! That is the executive assistant.

We are sure that you have thought at least once about whether there is a person in the company in which you work who carries on his shoulders perhaps the greatest burden in the function of the company. Today we will talk about him, he is the executive assistant. This is the person who is the key to many activities in the company and also the person who receives the most calls, most emails a day and the person whose name is spoken at least 500 times in one day only by the director and maybe 2000 more times by the others. employees. Wondering why this seemingly easy position is so talked about? Stay tuned and find out more about this feature in large companies.

What is an Executive Assistant?

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If you are a fan of Hollywood movies, especially the old ones in which the directors of large corporations go with a team of at least 3 other employees to important meetings outside the company. Believe it or not, today those three people are most often transformed into a person who is called an executive assistant. This position means to be all-day support for the director, but also all employees in the company if we say it briefly.

If we go a little further, this position means assistance and support in organizing the work of the director, scheduling and organizing meetings, submitting all the necessary documents that were previously requested by administrative staff, but also supporting the director in advocacy, decision making, and the like. To sum things up, if you want to be one of this kind of assistant means to be a worker of the month, the year and the century. Do you want to be such a worker? In that case, read on how to become an executive assistant.

How to become an executive assistant?

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Have you ever had the desire to be your superior’s, right-hand man? If you have thought about it, we are sure that you have also thought about how to become this kind of assistant and you did not know the answer. Now you can take a breath because we bring you what you need to look out for to become someone’s personal helper. What is needed? You need to work on yourself. You need to be a better version of yourself professionally.

It means to be organized about all the events and professional responsibilities that you have during the working day, to be a great analyst, a great interlocutor, and listener, to be a wonderful collaborator with the employees, the director, but also with the collaborators, and the most important thing is to avoid from making mistakes at all in order to have great results from what has been done.

If you pay attention to all these things in that case you will be noticed by the superior who needs your help and presence, so he will feel the basis to invite you to work in this position. If you want some great advice in that case it is good to consult an expert, and such are the employees of C Suite Assistants who can guide you in the direction you want to move to become a great assistant to your director. Work on yourself and you will get what you dream of in the business.

What should you pay attention to when working in this job position?

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Certain things must be taken into account when working. This applies to any position, even the position of executive assistant. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Be aware that not every supervisor behaves responsibly with his or her assistant. So be careful not to accept responsibilities that are not in your domain such as checking accounting statements, writing monitoring reports, signing confidential documents that should be signed by the supervisor, and the like. All these responsibilities and many others are in the basic work responsibilities of the people in the departments or the responsibilities of the directors. It can be supervised by you or approved, but not done. So be careful and do only what you need to do.

If this position is your dream, then make sure it becomes a reality. And to live such a dream in reality you need to work on yourself professionally and make sure you are successful in performing work responsibilities, because only then will you get to the position you want. Be careful, only success leads us to the realization of our dreams, so be persistent because only then will you succeed and bring your dream to life in reality.