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Everyone Is Shocked by How Many Children Eddie Murphy Has

by Elsa Stringer

Hollywood heavyweight and one of the most popular comedy starts in recent history, Eddie Muprhy, 58, revealed that he is often met with two different reactions when it comes to how many children he actually has.

Last year, Eddie became a father for the tenth time in his life. For this moment, he has gathered all of his kids for a family portrait you do not see that often.


While his youngest son is only one year old, his oldest son and daughter are already 30. The actor revealed all of this while he was the guest of Ellen DeGeneres on her famous talk show.

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“It is funny. Men look at me like I am crazy and ask themselves how much all of that costs. And the women, I think they find it sexy,” said Murphy.


Whatever the reactions, he admits he is happy to have so many children, while also revealing how he has recently become a grandfather too.

Murphy has five children with his first wife, Nicole Michel. Before that, he had a son with his girlfriend Paullete McNeely, and another son with his ex-girlfriend Tamara Hood.

The actor also has a daughter with the former Spice Girls member, Melanie Brown, which he acknowledged after a DNA paternity test revealed he was the father.

Murphy married model Page Bucher in September of 2018, and they have a son and a daughter together.