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Eminem – His journey to Adoption of a Girl

by Edvard Berlusconi

Eminem is a rapper, singer and a father of one daughter. He began his career by singing songs and making raps, he is settled in the heart of peoples.

Marshall Bruce Mathers III was born in St. Joseph, Missouri, a Kansas City subrb and grew up between Missouri and Michigan, before he settled in Detroit as a teenager. He started rapping by 14 with a high school friend with the nicknames “Manix” and “M&M”, which soon changed into Eminem. He was using this nickname when he entered battle rapping, as dramatized in 8 Mile, a fictional adaptation of his own life.

Eminem is kind of loyal heart person, apart from singing he adopted a girl and he cares her alot, according to thecelebinfo.com her name is Whitney Scott Mathers an adopted children.

Eminem Mother & Childhood

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Eminem says that his mother never had a job (though she disputes this, and many of his claims relating to his childhood) and that they survived only on peoples money and lawsuits which she would dream-up over minor incidents. There is some objective evidence to support Em’s claims of his mother’s history, however, as her legal records show an extensive list of cases where she has tried to exploit a plethora of people and organizations, over spurious incidents.  She claims that these wheels were set in motion by her lawyer, without her go-ahead, and that she did not intend to sue her son.

This seems unlikely though given the fact she went through with the dispute to the end (therefore advocating and arguing the accusation), resulting in a minor out-of-court settlement.

Eminem Personal Life

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His girlfriend Kim and him had a daughter named Hailey while he was trying hard to settle his career, and this forced him to dedicate more time to his family than rapping. He came up with his first album, Infinite, during this period in 1996 and got some undergroud attention and mixed reviews. Eminem then developed his Slim Shady alter ego, which allowed him to go deeper into his own dark side and helped him cope up with numerous troubles in his personal life. These included a difficult break up with Kim after which he moved in with his mother, increased his consumption of alcohol and drugs, and topped it all with a suicide attempt. All these torments were funneled into The Slim Shady EP, which definitely defined his quirky hallmark, including extremely violent imagery and his unique rhyming style.

Passion & Career

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He did some lesser studio work during this, before he retreated to his Detroit home and went off the grid. He occasionally showed up from time to time, especially for the launch of Shade 45, a hip hop channel for Sirius Satellit Radio in 2008, but he essentially went through a dry period. Eminem made his comeback in 2009 with Relapse, an album named after an allusion to his prescription drugs issues, which also announced that Slim Shady was back after quite a long absence. Even though it did not turn out to be the kind of blockbuster Eminem had previously, it still went platinum. By the end of the year he released an extended version called Relapse: Refill, with a few outtakes and new songs. In June 2010 was released Recovery, renamed from the initial title Relapse 2, which started on top of Billboard 200 chart for five consecutive weeks. The associated single Not Afraid also hit the top of Hot 100 singles chart.