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Dua Lipa Drops a Bombshell on Boris Johnson’s Victory on the UK Elections

by Tracy Finke

The world-famous singer Dua Lipa didn’t hesitate to voice her displeasure over Boris Johnson’s victory on UK elections.

Dua Lipa shared a story in which she wrote, “This is our prime minister, what a total fu**ing disaster. Congrats UK, you really fu**ed this one up”, above an image that shows Johnson’s islamophobic statement discussing Denmark’s ban on burqas from 2018.

Image source: Instagram

In the next story, on a black background, Lipa wrote: “The world is broken!”

Albanian singer is known for her interest in politics. Last week, she encouraged her 36.7 million followers to vote Labour Party. She has been working and living with her family in England for years.

Image source: nme.com, studyinternational.com

In the snap parliamentary elections in the UK, the Conservative Party won the absolute majority of seats in parliament. Prime Minister Boris Johnson persistently repeated the same message: “Let’s finish Brexit”, promising to take Britain out of the EU by 31 January 2024 if it wins the majority.

A year ago, the 24-year-old music star in an interview for CNN had commented on Brexit. She said: “Being from Kosovo, I understand the importance of being in the EU, of being together. I say those who voted to come out are older than those who will suffer the consequences”.

Image source: Instagram

Dua Lipa, on multiple occasions, shared stories in which she criticized Johnson’s political decisions and the prime minister himself.