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7 Driving Distractions and How to Avoid Them

by Tracy Finke

Did you know that distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents?

In 2017, 193,564 crashes took place in California, with 277,160 people being injured in them. Then, in 3,582 of the crashes, 3,904 people were killed. Although from 2018 to 2019 the number of traffic fatalities decreased in the state, there are still a lot of accidents taking place, and distracted driving is responsible for many of them. As such, this page has helpful information on personal injury lawyers you can hire in the Carmel area of California.

But how do you avoid being the “villain” in a car crash? Since distracted driving is becoming more and more of a problem and you often find yourself distracted from the road, you must do everything you can to prevent any distractions.

Here are 7 common distractions you can have while driving and how you can avoid them.

1. Daydreaming

Source: medicalnewstoday.com

Daydreaming – we’ve all done it to some extent. You’re in the middle of a boring business meeting, you’re having a class with that teacher that almost makes you fall asleep, or you’re simply sitting by yourself doing nothing and you start daydreaming.

But what happens when you daydream while you’re driving? Sometimes, when you’re driving by yourself, you may start thinking about all sorts of things. This can lead to problems, though – you may miss an exit or you may be close to crashing into the car in front of you. In some cases, you may not be lucky enough to escape this without an accident or a fine.

This is why you should make sure you refrain from daydreaming while driving. Do whatever you can to pay attention to the road, and don’t always take the same routes. Try to change the route a bit sometimes, so the traffic conditions and scenery are different.

2. Drinking or Eating

Source: driving-tests.org

If you’re rushing to get to work or you didn’t have time to eat before getting behind the wheel, you might be hungry. So, you might want to satisfy your hunger before you reach your destination.

Perhaps you have a sandwich with you or you got a nice cup of tea and coffee. Not only can eating or drinking distract you from what’s in front of you and make it harder for you to control the vehicle, but you may also spill the drink or make crumbs everywhere – which can be a distraction.

Don’t eat or drink until you’re parked. It’s better to get there on an empty stomach than to never make it.

3. Texting

Source: habbaspilaw.com

Smartphones have become an integral part of our life. However, too many people check messages or notifications at the wrong moments – for example, when they’re driving. According to a survey, 1 in 10 drivers sends emails or text messages sometimes when driving.

Phones should only be used for emergencies, and not even in this case should you take the phone in your hands and answer a call while you’re driving. Looking away from the road for a second might cause a car crash that would have otherwise been avoided.

On top of being dangerous, driving and using your phone has become illegal in numerous jurisdictions. You could end up getting a ticket or a fine, and this is the least that could happen to you.

Don’t respond to a text message until you’re parked or out of the car. If the notification noise is distracting, put your phone on silent or “do not disturb while you’re driving, or turn it off completely if it’s too hard for you to resist checking your phone.

4. Listening to Music

Source: etags.com

There’s no problem with listening to some radio or your favorite playlist while driving. But when the volume is too loud, it can become a problem. You may be unable to hear emergency vehicles, car horns, and other such sounds.

Don’t listen to music at high volume while driving – keep the volume low enough so you can hear what’s happening around you too.

5. Rubbernecking

Source: gainsberglaw.com

Many drivers see other traffic accidents and slow down to look at them. Others slow down to look at other things, like nice scenery or street addresses. This is a big mistake, as it can lead to you getting into an accident.

Try not to slow down while driving – otherwise, you’re putting yourself and others at risk.

6. Grooming

Believe it or not, but there have been cases of people using electric shavers in cars or putting on makeup. If you didn’t have time to do this at home, you shouldn’t risk your safety by performing such tasks in your car. It will only distract you from what’s in front of you and endanger your life.

Do this at home or your destination, and never in your vehicle.

7. Passenger Monitorization

Source: arstechnica.netblogpro.com

Having pets or children in the car can be extremely distracting – especially if there’s nobody else in the vehicle to help you out. Keeping a pet in your lap or attending to kids in the back seat can lead to a car crash as it distracts you from the road.

Pets in particular do not realize that you need to concentrate. They may either be agitated to be in a vehicle or they may be in the mood to play. These are innocent things that can distract you and possibly lead to a car accident if you take your eyes off the road.

This is why you should make sure that your pet is restrained and feels comfortable. You can invest in a pet anchor or harness. This simple thing can save both your life and your pet’s life. You may also want to consider a carrier that is well-secured.

The children should also be buckled properly before you start driving your car. This should apply until they grow older and can switch to a normal seat. Ideally, you should think of a few things that your children can focus on during your trip, especially if it’ll be a long one.

Also, if possible, have someone else help you with the other passengers in the car.

Final Thoughts

There are all sorts of driving distractions, from texting to daydreaming and even grooming. Make sure you avoid them if you want to make it back home safely.