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Why Do Patients Love Dr. Nowzaradan So Much?

by Nina Smith

Dr. Younan Nowzaradan also referred to as “Dr. Now” or “Dr. Nowzaradan” was born in Iran. Dr. Nowzaradan aspired to become a doctor, and he graduated with a medical degree from the University of Tehran. After graduation, Dr. Nowzaradan moved to U.S. for further studies.

Dr. Nowzaradan started as a heart surgeon and go on to become a general and weight loss surgeon. The good doctor has 28 years of surgical experience after residency, 18 years in laparoscopic surgery, and ten years in laparoscopic bariatrics. He is the first doctor in Houston to propose, research, and adopt the benefits of laparoscopic surgery for procedures not considered before. The practice he now adapts to achieve weight loss on morbidly obese patients.

He has been featured in seven seasons of the popular television show “My 600 Pound Life”.

Tv show follows the weight loss journey of obese patients seeking treatment from Dr. Nowzaradan. He helps people lose weight at his practice, in Houston, Texas. Dr. Now carefully creates a custom diet plan before and after surgery. He also helps the patient to look for psychological treatment to make weight loss effective.

What is The Dr. Now diet?

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Dr. Nowzaradan diet is effective and purposely created for significant weight loss. This diet is ideal for those who want to lose a lot of weight. Adopting healthier eating habits can be hard at the beginning, but with persistence, they will get easier.

According to medicalherald.com, the primary concept of Dr. Now’s diet plan is to reduce calorie intake to about 1200 calories a day, without excluding any food groups, except sugar.

The diet consists of two main meals a day that are a breakfast and a dinner. He then pairs the meals up by asking you to stick to just one serving of the main dish and the same serving size of the side dish, vegetable, or fruit. This also consists of two small snacks a day that are a light lunch and a light dinner.

Dr. Nowzaradan explains that the reason he uses such a low fat content in his foods is because the human body does not require so much fat to function properly. In fact, it was originally designed for survival reasons.

Dr. Nowzaradan 1200 Calorie Diet Plan

The general plan involves eating 800-1200 calories per day that come from whole, natural foods eaten during 3 meals. It is high in protein and low in fat and carbs.

The basic diet is about 6-7 oz. of whole grains, 3 cups of dairy, and men will have 6-8 oz. of protein, and women 4-6 oz. Healthy people should eat 20-35 grams of fiber, and fats should come from healthy sources like fish and flaxseed. Trans fats need to be avoided and sodium must be kept under 2300 mg. Dr. Now does not approve of snacks.

No sugar is allowed, including fruit. Eating so few calories also involves practicing eating smaller meals, something bariatric surgery patients will have to do post-operation anyway.

Dr. Nowzaradan’s Diet Plan Sample Menu

The exclusive Dr. Nowzaradan’s dietary plan isn’t officially available online.

This is in addition to the various accounts that have been shared online by patients on the My 600-Lb Life show relative to their customized diet plans. Below is a simple sample menu for low fat, low-carb, high protein 1200 calorie diet:


  • 1 egg and 1 egg white (don’t fry it): 105 calories
  • 2 oz microwaved or cooked in water turkey sausage: 130 calories
  • whole-wheat toast (1 slice): 80 calories
  • 0.5 low-fat cheese: 90 calories
  • Plenty of water or black coffee, unsweetened tea

Total: 405 calories


  • 1 tuna can: 200 calories
  • Light mayo (1 teaspoon): 50 calories
  • Spinach (2 cups): 40 calories
  • 2 carrots: 60 calories
  • Plenty of water, or tea (unsweetened)

Total: 350


  • grilled chicken (3 oz): 130 calories
  • steamed broccoli (2 cups): 100 calories
  • low-fat cheddar cheese (1 oz): 50 calories
  • Plenty of water or tea (unsweetened)

Total: 280


  • Turkey breast slices (2 oz): 75 calories
  • Low-fat Swiss cheese(1 slice): 60 calories

Total: 135

Daily Meal Total: 1170 Calories

Meal planning and preparation is essential for hitting the 1200 calories a day.

Dr. Nowzaradan’s diet is a healthy way to lose weight

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Dr. Nowzaradan’s diet plan is basically a successful dietary regime created for massive weight loss. This dietary regime was made to reduce calorie intake down to 1200 calories a day, all while maintaining a balanced diet that is inclusive of almost every essential food group. The concept is to cut your daily caloric intake, while promoting the burning of fat in your body, and eventual weight loss.

Obesity, a chronic and relapsing metabolic disease, is caused by several factors, but can mostly be associated to a genetic predisposition, combined with epigenetics, which is affected by the environment, Nowzaradan said. “Obesity is not a choice for people,” he said. “It’s not something that most people can walk their weight off with diet and exercise.”

We could say that this diet is perfect for anyone who wants to shed off substantial weight.

Dr. Now’s weight loss diet plan also encourages that you change your approach to eating and adopt some new habits. Healthy habits that detox your body. Apart from following a proper diet, physical exercise is also very important for your body and health.

The foods this diet recommends are for weight loss. Non-starchy vegetables are low in carbs, benefitting people with diabetes, and low in calories, allowing you to eat more and gain nothing. Rich in fiber whole grains are also more filling while associated with losing weight and lower risks of obesity. If you are not severely obese, Dr. Nowzaradan diet without 1200 calories-norm can simply be used as a guide for a great balanced daily menu.