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Dominate Destiny 2 Multiplayer With This 11 Tips

by Tracy Finke

After some hours put in the game, you should try to exploit the experience getting process from the multiplayer mode. It is really interesting because you can do things that are not available regularly and also uncover your competitiveness trying to dominate the others.

Since it is a game that has many players who are constantly active, winning can be challenging. Many people are trying hard to be great. They will most likely beat you if you don’t put enough time to learn more about the game, and improving yourself with that.

To become a better player, and be able to dominate the Destiny 2 multiplayer, we have prepared this article to wish some useful tips that you should follow.

1. Think about the weapon selection

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Making a plan before you even load is beneficial in games like these. Considering the way you play, and what are you comfortable with, that should impact your weapon selection. Having your best equipment with you can help you in securing more wins.

Since you should be carrying at least two guns, make sure that you have planned every possible scenario. For example, plan one weapon for medium distance, and the second one for closer encounters. You never know when you will need each option, so keeping them both will help you to react adequately.

2. Always be ready to switch to a secondary

Being prepared is what is most important while playing the crucible. Certain things might happen, and you have to be quick to react if you want to get on top of the situation. Although you had plans to go the slow route and stay with your main weapon, you should always have your fingers ready to switch up.

If someone is trying to get close to you, getting your secondary out will give you a chance to stand your ground. That is why no matter what you do, you should be quick to react and switch your weapons reflexively.

3. Make sure that you pay attention to the bombs

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Knowing every tool that can help you become better than the other players is useful. The bombs in this game are really important, and you should put in the time to learn how to use them. Since there are different types, they all suit different scenarios. Use them depending on what your goal is, so you can surprise the others and catch them unprepared.

4. Consider withdrawing

Not every situation can be won, or be turned to your advantage. Sometimes, the best thing that you can do is just go away. If you notice that the place is packed, and you are not likely to get a win, you should withdraw.

Keep in mind that even if you get a kill, that is not that important since you will lose your life with it. Instead of waiting to spawn again, you should just get back and wait for the next opportunity to strike.

5. Don’t attack without thinking the whole scenario

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When you get in an encounter, and your enemy notices you and tries to hide, don’t push. You will have a worse tactical positioning which will not give you the results you have expected.

Instead, you should play psychologically, and wait for them to become impatient. That way, you will have a clear position to get them down and dominate the others more.

6. Avoid staying still and waiting for the opportunity

In many games, staying in one position and waiting for the others to make a mistake and get them down has been worth it. However, in Destiny 2, you are less like to benefit if you are camping somewhere hidden.

Usually, all the places are being checked, and you will not have the chance to protect yourself and run away. That is why you should be constantly changing your positioning, and try to find a way to surprise others by getting closer to them.

7. Don’t move without a purpose and be cautious

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Running around recklessly is something that you should stop doing because everyone will be able to notice you, and you will have problems finding a place to hide. Make sure that you take things slow, move only if necessary, and for getting a more strategic position.

In addition, going into the zone where you hear the shots is not always advisable. Make sure that you stay at the periphery of that zone to catch people who are already low and take them away. Although this looks like exploiting the game, it is a better method to get your wins and feel good while you play.

When things get boring, you can always do such heroic stunts, but you will see how they end, and why we recommend the opposite.

8. Consider additional services

Having the possibility to learn from the people who have put in much time in this game is highly beneficial. Not only that they will show you how to dominate the game better, but they can keep your progress while you don’t have time to stay in front of your monitor.

That is why using the boosting services has shown to be a great tool that you can use both for becoming better and keeping the progress of the game you like most high as suggested by mmoboost.pro.

9. Use the map

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Using the map will help you to predict and get a better position for any attacks that might be coming your way. Although this seems like a basic tip, it is one of the most important in Destiny 2 multiplayer, if you want to dominate the others.

The radar is precise, and it shows everything you will need to know so you can react accordingly. Not only predicting attacks, but it also shows the distance. When you combine the information that you get from reading the map, and the knowledge that you have from the terrain, you will become a really hard target.

10. Avoid unnecessary jumps

All of the movements that you have in the crucible mode feel interesting, and they provoke you to do them constantly. However, that can affect your game, and you should avoid the temptation that they give. Only use the jumps when they are necessary for the situation you are in.

Everyone has seen such tricks where you jump high enough to get a position near a player and kill him on the way down, but that rarely happens, and usually, you get the worse outcome. It is fun to try it out, but if you use it constantly, it will be no fun waiting to spawn again.

11. Stop using your supers against one enemy

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Using the super mechanism gives you the power to do big things. If you become nervous when being attacked by one person, and use this power spike, even if you manage to kill them, you lose.

This tool is meant to be used when you have been caught unprepared against many people at once to either find a way out or try to kill them all. If you waste it on a scenario against one person, you lose the advantage further.