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Fine Art Model Divina Casas stuns in Agent Provocateur Lingerie

by Ingeborg

The Playboy Mexican model, Divina Casas, is shocking the world with an incredible physique and unique beauty. She is seen here posing in Mexico City by photographer Juan Jamarillo for Playboy Mexico. Divina was Playboy Mexico’s Playmate in July of 2018. Since then, she has risen to stardom by becoming a writer and activist for women’s acceptance of expression.


Divina is currently studying politics and law at California State University Fullerton and has become quite the impressive representation of a modern Playmate. She has also worked with Playboy Plus on multiple occasions with beautiful and erotic sets accentuating her divine personality and body language.

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Millennial Women want Gentlemen I must be subjective in my antidote to you men out there trying to date in this complicated world, but, it’s not complicated at all. Over complication and compensation of time is never necessary. I always loved that a man pursued me, but also respected my independence. There’s also something about a man’s own independence that turned me on. A sense of security within your life can be very evident when it comes to meeting a woman. I always loved to know that a man seemed to have it together. This doesn’t necessarily mean having an exotic car or a Daytona, just exude the confidence you’ve always had within your manly hood. Now, the physicality is another thing. Listen to what we woman are about. We talk aura’s, energy, zodiac signs, what you give, is what we’ll read. I remember meeting this man who seemed to sweep me away with his voice. It was deep, unapologetic, and like an instrument. I just kept wanting to hear it play, but one thing was missing. He never looked me in the eyes. Eyes show who you are as a man, you can either be confident or afraid. Be the one in a million that can look at a woman in the eyes and hold a conversation. It’s a rarity, but traits like this, whether it’s business or relationships, seals the deal. #sexwriter #writer #sexcoach #relatable

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Divina’s Instagram is a unique page with a lot of self-expression and adorable posts. She does a very good job of just barely meeting the criteria to keep a post-up, but she’s an ambitious and smart woman to come across. Divina currently does not belong to any agency; she is an independent model currently in Los Angeles. With love to dance, sing, exercise, and take boudoir images in her spare time, she is also a great public speaker with a lot of ambition for positive conversation. Overall, this girl is incredible, to say the least.

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Divina is intelligent, self-made, beautiful, and thoughtful in her work. She continues to spark headlines with her seductive and unique personality aside from every other model on Instagram. When she is on set, you will find her dancing and singing in between shots.

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I’ll always be your good girl, daddy.

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We are curious when this model will be featured in a film? Her knack for the camera is impeccable but her personality is out of this world. She is been approached by multiple talent agencies but has not accepted or joined any to this date. Soon, rest assured, we know she will make it on to a Carl’s Jr. commercial or land a role in a film. She is too vibrant and multi-faceted not to! Whether it’s for a nude scene or for her erotic voice, we’re sure the sweet and beautiful Divina will win the hearts of millions around the world. She already has her openness and writing for women, but also for her dedication to succeeding in life.

Recently, she is been writing short erotic stories according to the model. “It’s something new that I’m doing and it’s just calling my name. I want to make it interactive for couples to read or simply for imaginative women. I don’t know where this is headed, but my heart is calling for it!” We are eager to find out how talented this young woman is. At the age of 22, she’s accomplished more than anyone could dream of. Being a model, writer, and the student is no easy task for people. It takes a lot of guts to be able to withstand the pressure of society and achieve everything you want WITH a career growing at the same time!

Although she specifically specializes in fine art, she is absolutely stunning in lingerie. Seen on her stories is her array of beautiful lingerie pieces from Agent Provocateur to Honey Birdette.  How has she not been called for these companies? She’s got the body and the face of a goddess. She truly is loved by the camera and her wide variety of looks makes her extremely multi-talented. Seen on her Instagram is her strutting in a gorgeous set from Honey Birdette. She has the perfect porcelain and olive tone skin to match the turquoise lingerie that she is strutting.

Divina is a natural when it comes to posing and walking. She is best known for her sex appeal and erotic demeanor to her. When she walks into the room, it seems like the whole world stops and looks. We cannot get enough of her in lingerie. She is seen showing off her love for Honey Birdette in multiple posts on Instagram.

She even wore a stunning people set and showed it off by posting herself dancing on a pole doing the sexy yoga pose on stage! She has been noted to be a wild child. Divina, to quarantine, was going out every weekend in Orange County and Los Angeles dancing and drinking with friends. She seems to be the life of the party when she is been caught on multiple occasions dancing on chairs and tables. She is been of legal age for two years now and the party girl loves to make a spectacle when she goes out on the town. She loves to wear short skirts and see-through tops just to make the boys go wild.

Quite frankly, we do not blame her! She has an incredible body that is to die for, and it is all because of her workout routine. We spoke to the model about her regimen and this is what she said. “With school and work going on, I try to keep a schedule with my routine. It is not always the easiest, in the evening’s I’m too tired and in the morning my mind is racing with what I have to do today. But I always set aside at least an hour and a half to get my workout done!” She always posts her healthy meals on her story, so we know for a fact she’s a clean eater. We cannot help but wonder how and where she learned her discipline.

Does she have a trainer? Where did she learn her regimen? She keeps her private life very personal. We seem to never get a glimpse of who she is hanging out with or who she’s seeing. She does live a pampered life. Many fans have been wondering if the up and coming model is single or in a relationship. Is she married? She certainly knows how to keep us on our toes! She has a way with words and were on the edge of our seats every single time she posts something new on Instagram! We are just wondering when we’ll get to see her on television. Anyone looking for a broadcaster or actress? She’s someone to look into.