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What Are Digital Water Curtains And How Do They Work? – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

In films, you have seen superheroes wield extraordinary power to manipulate water at will. Have you ever wondered if you could do something similar?

Such a thing is no more a figment of imagination. The digital prowess of the 21st century will allow you to control water to a certain degree. In fact, you have already seen it at hotels, concerts, or art galleries in the form of digital water curtains.

Truly, it would be a great addition to the aesthetics of your company. Many companies provide installation of this sophisticated technology. Visit this website to find out what magical wonders are possible with such technology. However, before that, you should learn a little about digital water curtains and their mechanisms. A little knowledge on the subject will help you decide how or where you can implement it.

What Is A Digital Water Curtain?

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A water curtain is a series of sprinklers that can create a beautiful, neat screen of water.

A digital water curtain is a programmable water curtain. With technology, one can control the water to display various effects, graphics, logos, text, or patterns. You can also project certain images onto a water screen. The digital water curtain can also change color. You can, of course, customize what design or color you want for the digital water curtain.

How Is It Used In The Real World?

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Digital water curtains are becoming extremely popular throughout the world. Water is a natural element that provides a soothing, calming effect. Digital water curtain offers that invaluable touch of nature inside an artificial, concrete building.

That is why it is a preferred choice to beautify the business with digital water curtains. You may have seen water curtain decorations at a hotel reception or maybe in your favorite coffee shop. This technology can also offer you a fantasy-like experience by creating a water promenade.

Digital water curtains are very popular in the entertainment world too. You will see its implementation in water theatre. For a theatrical musical performance, musical fountains are often used. Many singers and performers have experimented with digital water curtains in concerts to bring that fantastic, magical effect on stage. You may have also seen images projected onto water screens at concerts.

While marveling at the feats achieved by digital water curtains, many ask one common question – “how are they doing that?” Therefore, to satiate your curiosity here is an elaborate answer.

How Does Digital Water Curtain Work?

The digit water curtain is truly a remarkable creation of technology and artistic vision. The technology in it dictates how to control the water, and the artistry reinvents new ways to amaze the spectators. Similarly, the mechanism of the water curtain comprises two segments. The first system controls the water generation, and the second controls the projection of the graphic.

Water Generation System

The water generation system requires excellent water distribution modules. The system also needs a powerful tank equipped with submersible pumps. The tank must be capable of holding the entire required amount of water within it. It also must be capable of withstanding high water pressure and transfer the water into the water distribution module. If you are looking for a high-definition water screen, remember the water pressure must be high. The flow rate is adjustable as the pump comes with an electric panel to control the flow rate.

The central part of the product is the water distribution module. It contains the water nozzles placed in a linear fashion.

The valves inside this system control the water flow through these nozzles. This unit also comes with LED lights that help to create colorful water patterns.

Water Programming System

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This sophisticated technology is equipped with safety and control panels. This utilizes high-end software through which you can decide the colors, patterns, texts, and so on. You can also decide the timing and intervals of the water streams. The best part about this is that it is very easy to use. You can also control this digital water curtains with a Smartphone.

The digital water curtain systems are also able to detect wind or people approaching it. Therefore, you can program it to start working as people approach it. You can create interactive fountains very easily in this manner.

How Does The Projection Work?

You can control the water pressure and project high-quality visuals onto the water screen. What it essentially does is create a transparent field that the projected images become part of the real world. When you add volume to the laser or audiovisual projections, the entire piece comes alive.

The water screen requires a specific kind of dense and precise projection. It must aim at the area of the screen that has the highest quality. In addition, it can only work the best in a dark environment. Therefore, you cannot use it during the daytime. This projection has to be from the rear side of the screen facing the audience. Only that way it can create the finest quality water show.

Where Can You Install It?

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The digital water curtain system is very adaptable. You can use it indoors or outdoors. Usually, water screens with graphics, patterns, texts, or logos are considered ideal inside the building. In structures with large ceilings, long decorative water curtains are very popular.

You can also install it as a front façade on seawater or any floating surface like a pool or lake. However, make sure you clean the equipment well with fresh water.

Things to Keep In Mind

Digital water curtains are extremely promising when it comes to decoration or entertainment. All that you need is a fertile imagination to bring surreal beauty into life. There are no limits to what you can create with the digital water curtains.

Therefore, hire a world-renowned expert company for your digital water curtain installation. Their experienced engineers can better understand your vision and desires for an artwork. Therefore, you will get accurate and refined waterworks.

Additionally, top companies offer additional benefits and reasonable costs. So be sure to discuss things thoroughly before you hire a company.