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Can Taking Digestive Enzymes Help with Weight Loss?

by William Gist

Taking digestive enzymes as a supplement can help people support healthy digestion practices. It may be useful when increases in nutrient absorption are necessary to reach a weight loss goal.

People who have conditions like irritable bowel syndrome or lactose intolerance can experience some relief by taking digestive enzymes.

These compounds work to break foods down into smaller components that make it easier for the body to absorb them. Although several types are available in the marketplace using a variety of brand names, three primary choices are presented to the average consumer.

Protease digestive enzymes work to break down proteins into amino acids that the body can use.

Lipase turns lipids into fatty acids and glycerol, while amylase provides digestion assistance for starches and complex carbs to turn them into simple sugars.

The human body makes digestive enzymes naturally, but it is also possible to take them in the form of supplements.


Digestive enzyme secretion disorders

Due to the fast way of living and the irregularity of the meal, disturbances in the digestion of food are often reported. This results in the food being insufficiently degraded, and the undigested food components cause problems such as feeling of heaviness and stomach pain, nausea, frequent gas, cramps, constipation, etc.

The most common cause of impaired digestion is actually a disorder in the secretion of digestive enzymes – biological catalysts, which promote the breakdown of food to smaller molecules, which as such can be readily absorbed and utilized in the body. Disorders in the secretion of enzymes can occur due to inadequate nutrition or as a result of disease. Enzyme activity also decreases with age, and in middle age, healthy people begin to experience symptoms of poorer digestion.

However, apart from a healthy diet, it is equally important that the food in the body is consumed and used properly. Proper digestion of food is a prerequisite for nutrients to become available and utilized. Under the influence of digestive enzymes, food is broken down to nutrients that can pass through the barriers of the cells of the small intestinal mucosa and transport it through the blood to all cells in the body.

Some People May Benefit from Digestive Enzyme Supplements


The results provided by digestive enzyme supplements depend on the current health of the gastrointestinal tract. Anyone who deals with issues with gut health and digestion may see weight loss benefits by creating more regularity in these processes.

People with lactose intolerance and irritable bowel syndrome may experience bloating, constipation, and intestinal discomfort when eating. These symptoms can lead to malabsorption problems that can lead to high-calorie food cravings to supplement the perception of loss.

According to Scrutiny Portal, Most supplements such as Leptitox contain a mixture of all three primary choices to provide general health support. If you have specific health conditions that require treatment, then your doctor might recommend a particular selection outside of the usual options.


This digestive enzyme works well for people who don’t process lactose well, which is a sugar type found in some dairy products.


You would take this digestive enzyme to convert plant fiber into beta-glucose for use in the body. It only works on foods that contain cellulose.


This digestive enzyme helps people who don’t digest the phytic acid found in legumes, nuts, and grains effectively.


Anyone who feels bloating or gas when consuming the complex carbs of grains, vegetables, or beans may want to consider taking this digestive enzyme.

All digestive enzymes come from either animal or microbial sources. The former option is the most common, which is why anyone following a vegan lifestyle would want to look at their preferred products carefully before deciding to use them for weight loss.

It also helps to check the ingredients on your preferred digestive enzymes to avoid products that are mostly preservatives, additives, and fillers. The best selections go through third-party testing with verifiable results, including certification from U.S. Pharmacopeia.

If you are taking medications for any reason, then you should speak with your primary care physician or healthcare provider to ensure no interference issues could develop.

Could the Opposite Approach Create Better Results?


Although digestive enzymes can work for individuals who need gastrointestinal help to process specific foods, what is useful for people who don’t require these supports?

Research suggests that some individuals can benefit by taking an enzyme inhibitor – the complete opposite approach.

Digestive enzyme inhibitors work to prevent the body from absorbing specific macronutrients. It is a useful option for anyone who requires medically supervised treatment for obesity to increase their weight loss potential.

Supplementing an inhibitor of amylase from white beans creates opportunities to lose fat and weight. If you block the effects of trypsin in the body, then it can decrease the amount of food perceived to be required to feel full.

Certain lipase inhibitors are known to reduce fat absorption in the body, producing significant weight loss results for some individuals. Orlistat is the most famous product in this category because it has an efficacy rate of 30% for the average person.

Using digestive enzyme inhibitors can increase the levels of hormones that suppress appetite and hunger when taken long-term, but it can also decrease them instead of speeding up how fast the stomach empties in some individuals.

Using digestive enzyme inhibitors can cause stomach pain, diarrhea, and fat appearing in stools. You must limit the food types you eat to reduce the chances of uncomfortable symptom formation.


What to Expect from Digestive Enzymes Intended for Weight Loss

The bottom line for weight loss using digestive enzymes depends on the current status of your health.

If you take these supplements to improve the health of your gastrointestinal tract, then better weight control can be a side effect.

When you don’t have that issue to manage, then an enzyme inhibitor may be a better solution. These alternative supplements can increase fat loss, promote losing more weight, and reduce feelings of hunger.

Before using this option to control your weight, a healthcare provider should evaluate the status of your health to determine if it is a viable option.