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Different Ways To Unlock Your Iphone X, XS, XS Max Or XR

by Ingeborg

Today every month, we hear a new launch in the industry of smartphones. A new launch means some more additions and improved technology version. When blackberry was introduced in the market, it was popular by the name of a business phone. Now as the smartphones are actually smart, there are a number of phones which can be used for not only business but for every purpose.

Iphones are known for its highly advanced features. They are very expensive as there is no comparison in features, looks, technologies and more. Each model contains great features and quality. In 2007 the beginning of the combination of AT&T and apple sparked. Even though it has several limits, still, it is highly popular among the businessmen. If your dream is to spread your business in overseas companies, then none other than AT&T phones will help you in these regards. AT&T phones locked the iPhones to a particular network for a limited duration bond.

When the users complete this duration, they need to follow some procedures to enjoy another network that they want to use. In case the user wants to re-join his network before completing the session, then also there are some formalities to do along with a fee. The fee depends on the balance days, weeks, and months. However, this fee is very high then also in urgent cases; people don’t mind paying it. If your balance duration is short, then you can wait to complete it rather than paying a heavy amount. The unlocking procedure can take some time to make you comfortable in your desired carrier.

The above we have discussed unlocking your phone from one to another carrier. Now we will discuss unlocking the home screen of your phone. Today maximum phones are available with a fingerprint scanner and face scanner. Apple was the first who introduced the face scanner in the telecom industry. Our phones contain all important information, data, images, and documents. Our banking, investment, and other secret information we need to protect with high security. That is why the engineers have developed such types of locks which can only be unlocked by the user.

But there are some negative aspects also of using a phone with a face lock. In emergency cases, it becomes a trouble to use these phones for the family members of the user. Some programming companies are engaged to assist people to unlock their iPhone without face id easily. By visiting WhyTheLuckyStiff you can gain the information on unlocking different variants. Biometric authentication technology is known as a facial recognition system.

Apple has designed and developed this technology to give a standard. I phones are already at an upper grade, but after this technology, the users are feeling safer towards their important and personal data. So the demand for such phones is at a higher notch. If you are stuck in some emergencies and not able to unlock with your face id then also below mentioned different ways can assist you.

Below are some easy and different ways to unlock iPhone X, XS, XS Max or XR

Way 1: (Unlock without passcode)


For the user who forgot the face ID password: This becomes quite difficult to remember so many passwords. We carry different bank cards, and we have to remember the different passwords to use them. In such a situation, another password makes us confuse, and the question irritates that how to unlock again. Don’t worry if you forgot the password of your iPhone. Stop attempting trials to unlock with facial Id. What you just need to do is to follow below-mentioned steps one by one:

  • Download iPhone lock wiper app in your computer and install it.
  • Connect your iPhone with the same computer
  • Launch the app
  • Choose the option to unlock screen passcode
  • Connect your iPhone with PC by using the original lighting cable
  • Click on the start button, and then next
  • Another page will appear, and you need to click on download option
  • After downloading the firmware package, your next step would be to click on start to extract (by clicking this option you will unzip your downloaded package)
  • Click on the start unlock after completing the extraction, and then type 000000.

After a few minutes process, your phone will be ready to use

Way 2: (Unlock by using passcode without face Id): follow the below-mentioned steps


  • Raise the waves by tapping or pressing the start button
  • If facial recognition option is not available after swiping from down to upward then try these steps:
  • Go to the “settings” option
  • Touch on the face Id and passcode option and turn the passcode option “on”
  • Set a passcode with a six-digit number which you can easily remember
  • Enter, and then confirm your passcode to get your passcode activation done. Now your iPhone is ready to unlock without face ID

Way 3: (Unlock the screen without face ID via reboot option)


  • Use your volume adjusting button and press-up and release quickly, then press down, and again release quickly
  • Now press with a hold power button of the same iPhone
  • Reboot process will start; now you can use the numeric passcode to unlock at the first time. If you are using a smartphone, then you must know that rebooting your phone means losing all your important data available on the iPhone.

Above mentioned ways are so easy to apply and get a solution to your trouble situation. The main thing is user must know a little about their iPhone and its features. If you know what face Id and passcodes exactly are? Then it would be easier for you to find out a solution. If you are not comfortable with facial Id, then there is no compulsion to use this technology. You can also protect your information and personal data by using a passcode. You can simply skip this facial recognition during the setup of your phone. This option is for the convenience of the users, but if the user is not friendly with this locking option, then he or she may use another option for the same purpose.

You can also disable the face id feature temporarily if you want. For this purpose, you need to follow these given options:

  • Activate the emergency SOS to disable your face id. You can re-activate it by entering the passcode.
  • Don’t unlock your iPhone for more than 48hours to disable face ID locking system.
  • Shut down your smartphone and then restart for the same purpose.
  • Use wrong face detection for five times to automatically disable face lock

So there is no compulsion to find out always a highly technical solution to unlock your iPhone X, XS, and XR. Infect you can turn your face ID off after enabling it. People get so upset after finding themselves unable to access their facial ID. They run to the authorized service centers of the apple. The service center people are trained to handle such type of situation, but there is nothing to consult them only. Users can handle this situation at their own by applying the above-mentioned ways according to their situation. But if you are not confident, then it is better to approach them at the place of making mistakes and disturbing other features and options.