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10 Things To Look For When Designing Your Own Engagement Ring

by Nina Smith

Women love to be admired and pampered, especially from their partner. Custom-made engagement rings are the new cool as they reflect the love you have for your partner and portray the story of your unique relationship. In order to create your own engagement ring, there are a few basic elements that you need to look for such as the main gemstone, the setting of the ring as well as the metal band.

These few factors present an infinite number of possibilities for you to combine and construct the perfect ring as per your budget and suitable to your personality. Along with such details, you can further personalize your engagement ring by getting it engraved with something that you and your partner would love. This article presents tips on 10 Things To Look For When Designing Your Own Engagement Ring:

1. Pre-decide the shape or cut you want:

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When you start researching about the type of ring that you or your significant other wants, you can always pre-decide the shape or the cut of the main stone. This initial decision is a great help to short-list the final design that you wish to inculcate in the ring. It is important to note that every cut is available at different prices and the price also differs per carat. The round cuts are technically more expensive than the pear and marquise cuts. Therefore, it is essential that before getting a confirmation on the design of the ring, you decide about the cut desired by you. In case you want additional stones in your ring, then you need to settle on their cut too.

2. Choose your Metal:

This is again a significant factor that you need to look out for in your ring. The ring will be worn by you or your partner throughout their lifetime, so choosing the perfect metal as per your suitability is absolutely essential. Yellow gold, white gold and silver are some of the most common and traditional choices for rings. However, you can also go for rose gold or titanium as they are steadily gaining popularity these days. Platinum can also be a suitable choice since it is denser than silver and is much rarer.

3. Choose the Carat size:

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The stone that you choose for yourself will come in various carat sizes. Now, depending on how big a rock you can carry on your finger as well as your budget, you will have to decide on the size of the stone. Now, each carat size also differs in terms of colour as well as clarity. Some stones are large in size but not absolutely lucid while others are small yet are absolutely clear. For this, it is crucial that you visit a store and try on rings and see what suits on your finger in real life.

4. Look for the right quality of cut and clarity:

As discussed above, each carat size differs in terms of price as well as quality. The cut of the stone is also reflective of its quality and clarity. The colour of the diamond changes its price by huge amounts. Now, you can go for a low coloured diamond and save some money, which will look colourless to the naked eye and will not be much different from a better coloured one. You can also go for a round cut of the stone if it looks good for your finger. So if you do not wish to compromise on the look of your ring by staying within your budget, you will have to make smart choices.

5. Look for the right Jewellery Designer:

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Once you have a fair idea about the ring that you want, you will need to find a jeweller who can match your aesthetic. It will be preferable if the jeweller is a referred and reputed one since there is quite a possibility that a new designer can ruin your design which can spoil your entire experience. The jeweller has to be a trusted one since they will have to do justice to the custom-made ring. It helps if the jeweller has previous experience in making custom-made rings for couples. In that way, you can also ask them to show you their previous work. A good jeweller will likely propose new ideas for your ring and you can also consult them regarding the practicality of the ring that you have designed. Flawless Fine Jewellery is one of the best brands known for providing natural and lab grown diamonds. Visit flawlessfinejewelry.com to explore all diamond ring options in your budget.

6. The ring should reflect your style:

The setting of the ring is absolutely essential while designing your own engagement ring since you will have to carry it your entire life. The ring should match your lifestyle as well as personality so that you can wear it on a daily basis without any issues. You can choose a traditional setting by going for a classic solitaire ring, or a chic one with a diamond band, etc. depending on your style. If you wish, you can go for a coloured main stone or a unique gemstone for yourself.

7. Match the ring with your Wedding Band, if any:

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Now, engagement rings are only a considerable half of the equation on your finger. Your wedding band is equally important as it symbolises your marriage to your significant partner. Therefore, before you decide on the design of your engagement ring, it is also crucial that you take into consideration your wedding band. In certain cases, the size of the ring does not allow a wedding band to fit perfectly in the finger.

8. Look for a ring within your Budget:

Custom-made engagement rings tend to be a bit more on the expensive side as compared to ready-made rings. However, with time, prices have significantly dropped since past years due to rapid technological developments such as 3D printing, CAD, etc. which have made designing as well as casting of rings much more efficient and affordable. So it is not necessary for you to shed out your entire bank balance for a ring anymore. You can decide on a budget and then stick to it.

9. Buy a Certified Stone:

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Now, an engagement ring in a once in a lifetime investment and is a relatively expensive one. So it is vital that you take ample amount of time to shop smartly. After you decide on your design as well as jeweller, you need to make sure that you are buying a certified stone for your ring from an accredited laboratory since there is a high possibility that you can be duped of your money. Your jeweller can always make false promises of a high quality diamond when in reality, the stone might be of an inflated grade.

10. Warranty:

You can consult your jeweller to give you good offers with regard to warranty as well as aftercare. Since you have to wear this ring on a daily basis, it can cause wear and tear. Therefore, you need to be clear on the aftercare rituals that you need to follow to keep the ring in good condition for as long as possible.

The specifics of each custom-made engagement ring are distinct and vary from couple to couple. Each combination of stones, metal, setting and style of the band are exclusively suited to distinct couples and truly reflect their personal styles. So, you need to make good choices with respect to your once in a lifetime decision.