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6 Interior Design Ideas to Make a Room Look Elegant – 2024 Guide

by William Gist

It’s every millennial couple’s dream to decorate a room to look as elegant as possible.

But the choice of style is very subjective, as different people have different style preferences. So naturally, it can be very hard to pinpoint what exactly elegance in interior design means.

Fortunately, there are a few rules we can abide by and come to a conclusion that benefits all sides. To do that, however, we will have to look over at the 6 interior design ideas we have for you to make a room look elegant.

Without wasting too much time, let’s begin.

1.  Make The Space Open

Source: temza.co.uk

There isn’t a more elegant room look than to open it up a bit. This is a highly valued rule within the interior design that essentially looks to use the convenience of open space.

Larger rooms benefit the most from this as it gives the decorator a lot of space to work with. As a fundamental of this rule, the main sitting area should be in the center of it all.

But if you thought that you will spend less money on furniture while creating this look, then you’re completely right. Where you will spend more is on decorating the walls, the floors, and the ceiling.

To eliminate the feeling of emptiness, you will need to hang lots of wall art, place plenty of indoor flowers, and even add a chandelier.

2.  Furniture With Vibrant Colors

Source: thespruce.com

Elegance isn’t only achieved with having as little as possible. Sometimes, the use of color can be fundamentally important. While we do agree with the notion that elegance through color is very hard to achieve, you can if you do it the right way.

We also agree that white and black hues mixed with shades of brown are the best colors to achieve elegance in interior design.

Like the Chesterfield Sofa Company likes to say, you can always experiment with vibrant colors and see what comes of it. To do that, you will need to achieve a visual composition. To achieve visual composition, you will need to focus on the furniture. Namely, you can use the colors red, blue, and yellow to achieve visual composition.

These three should be the dominant furniture colors and they will work brilliantly to create something visually stunning. Since color is a huge part of this one, you have to make sure that the background colors are always either black or white.

That means, black or white walls, floors, and ceilings, as well as, black or white art.

3.  Wall Decorating and Framing

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There isn’t a common way to achieve elegance than through the use of wall art and picture frames. Trust us on this one, if your wall has no art on it, are you even trying to be elegant?

Wall art is capable of conveying a simple message that oftentimes gets lost due to unprofessional work. To make wall artwork, you will need to focus the room on it. It is the best way to highlight the best attributes of your room.

But you will need a theme to revolve around it. If black and white prints are your thing, then go for an interior design room theme that will accommodate those colors.

Don’t just place a yellow sofa right in front of it, and instead put it on the side.

Wall decorating and framing is a great way to achieve perfection through elegance, but it must be done the right way.

If you’re having trouble finding furniture pieces to go along with your home theme, then it might be time to get in touch with a furniture company to help make the right selection.

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4.  Plants? Why Not!

Source: welshdesignstudio.com

We mentioned that the use of plants can give you so much room to work around. Well, a huge part of interior design revolves around the use of plants to break the monotony and add a bit of flair to the room.

Plants are great not only for achieving elegance but for cleaning the air and making us feel better. A huge mystery surrounds the fact that plants make rooms feel much more vibrant and much calmer.

That’s why you should never buy plastic and always go for organic. Ambience is a huge part of elegance, and what better way to achieve it than through the use of green plants?

5.  Tiles For the Kitchen

Source: architecturaldigest.in

Listen, we know that tiles are from an age long gone, but 2024 is the year of bringing the old and making it work.

This isn’t something that’s happening in the interior design industry, but in every design industry out there. Graphics and web designers are focusing on older principles that were once popular; and they are once more.

So, that’s perhaps why we’re seeing the use of tiles to decorate the kitchen. But we aren’t talking about floor tiles, we are talking about wall tiles.

Tiles are great for achieving mood perfection. We have to be in the mood to cook, so why not grab a few and see how it’ll look?

If you’re having trouble finding the right floor color, just remember that vibrant hues are excellent for it. As for the form of the tiles, we cannot accept anything but rectangular tiles.

6.  Shared Space

Source: thespruce.com

Shared space refers to making your rooms all as one. Unfortunately, this elegance style rarely works with residential houses. That’s because there are only four walls that separate all rooms. And these four walls are the exteriors of the place.

Naturally, this will only work with studio apartments where the use of sharing space is a rule. You can separate each rule with rugs or different color styles.

Turn the living room into a vibrant color while the kitchen into a contemporary masterpiece. Use plants, wall art, and rugs to separate each room and give each one a bit of character.

You’d be surprised to see how elegant you can make your studio apartment look through the use of shared space.