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5 Tips and Tricks For Decorating With Oriental Rugs

by Nina Smith

Decoration has become a sort of science. There is a place, position and space for everything you just have to be a bit creative and innovative.

A nicely decorated home is what we all desire and there are a handful of people that can do a mind-blowingly professional job and transform your home, office, room or whatever you desire, beyond your wildest imagination.

To impress a customer these professionals use anything from tables, chairs, lights, rugs, drapes to sofas, cabinets and whatnot. The level of their dedication to their job is incredible and the supplies and furniture they get and use must meet their highest demands. Today’s article is about oriental rugs decoration and the ways you can do it by yourself based on what and how real professionals utilize them. Oriental rugs are coming back in fashion and it is tough to get your hands on a real and quality one, but places like persianandmodernrugs.com have got you covered, and probably have something that will blow you away.

Rug decoration is nothing new but there are some things you have to know and understand to choose the right one for your room, regarding size, colour etc. Let’s start with the tips, shall we!

1. Start from the ground up

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If you are decorating a room start with picking the rug first because it will dictate your colour pallet, your accessories, your finishes and the furniture you will bring in. The rug style will greatly influence the rest of your decoration, and you will have to fit in everything according to it. Chose the colour and the weave of the rug carefully because it will sometimes be tough to match everything to it and make it fit properly into the rest of your space. Before opting for a specific rug you should probably visit other places where you will buy all the other accessories and see if there is anything remotely usable with the rug you liked the most. You want to avoid buying a rug that you like but having nothing else fit in its surroundings.

2. Dimensions

The most important thing to watch out for are the dimensions of both your room and the rug you are buying. A small room with a huge rug will not look that good and neither will a big and tall room with a small rug. This is somewhat of a science experiment and you will have to nail it perfectly if you don’t want anything to pop out more than it’s needed. The dimensions are really important and you have to set the direction in which the decoration should lead. Another thing that professionals consider is the placement and dimensions of windows, the flow of the room, meaning open-concept or not and the general functionality of the rug in a certain area.

3. Living room rugs

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There are a few ways to how you can utilize these rugs for your living room. It is all up to your vision but your budget as well. There are three options for how you can do this. One is that you can pick a larger rug that will fit all your furniture, like sofa, coffee table, chairs, on top of it. The next option is having just the front legs of all the major furniture pieces, we cited before, on top of the rug. This is a bit budget-friendly solution and if you have a nice floor it will help reveal it a bit more. The third option is to have a small, area-like, rug that only your coffee table will sit on. This is the cheapest option and probably the best one for crowded living rooms or those that are simply not that big. Click here for living room furniture.

4. Dining room rugs

If you are decorating a dining room with an Oriental rug, the most important thing to consider is the function and for more details check vaheedtaheri.com. The rug can look adorable, but the most important thing is not constantly tripping over it or having it catch chair legs all the time. If you want to avoid that and your space allows for it get a rug that is at least 24 inches off all sides of your table so you can avoid tripping over its edges and chair legs catching it. Now the shape of the rug will greatly depend on the shape of the table but whether it is rectangular or a circular rug the same rule applies like already mentioned, meaning you will have to buy a 3-4 feet bigger rug than the table to achieve what we already explained.

5. Bedroom

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If you wish to decorate your bedroom with a nice Oriental rug then consider it next. Although your bed and bedside tables probably use most of the bedroom space it is still nice to have a rug in that room and be able to step out of the bed on something like a nice soft oriental rug that completes the room fully. This room will be similarly decorated to your living room.

You can go with a rug that will have the bed and bedside tables on top of it – the biggest and most expensive option. Another option is a slightly smaller rug that stops at bedside tables and stretches past the foot of the bed so you can walk on it all around the bed, and option three and the most economical one is to do two smaller rugs on both sides of the bed. The third option will allow for more freedom design-wise because if the overall design of the room allows for it, you can opt for his and hers side of the rug, meaning different weaves and colours. Something to mix it all up but not too much so it jumps from the rest of the space.

Rugs are often mistreated and are considered a little to no impact decorative item. This couldn’t be more wrong. The way a room pops and transforms when you nail that perfect rug is very difficult to explain. If you have an old rug that you don’t use that much, try and set up a room one way and then change just the rug and see what you end up with.

Rugs are important, they help with the spacing of the room, they can determine the flow of the room as well determine the positions of your furniture and accessories. They have a real purpose and functionality, as well a price so tread carefully when decorating with these.