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4 Benefits of a SIM Only Contract

by Nina Smith

Choosing the right deal for your mobile phone can be quite hard to do. There are a couple of solutions that you can opt for. Basically, it needs to be said that these are numerous. But it needs to be said that making a clear difference between these can be quite hard for people who don’t know much about this topic. The two commonest ones you will take a look at our phone contract and SIM-only contract.

While phone contract is easy to understand, SIM-only is slightly different. Basically, instead of paying for a device, you are paying only for the network. Plus, the types of SIM-only deals can come in a plethora of different sizes and shapes. Nevertheless, understanding what an average user can expect from a deal like this is pretty hard to understand sometimes. But, you can be sure that they are numerous.

SIM Only deals are without a doubt here to stay thanks to the many benefits they bring to the table. They’re not the typical mobile phone contracts that come full with a new and latest mobile phone. As their name suggests, you only get a SIM and the call, text, and data package of your choice. In this article, you’ll learn the benefits of settling for this type of contract.

Let’s get started:

1. Saves you money

Source: independent.co.uk

SIM-only deals mean that you’ll spend less than you would have on a traditional smartphone contract. The offer is ridiculously cheap both during the first payment and the subsequent monthly payments. For instance, there are providers with deals that start as low as £5 per month. When you compare it to the payments you would need to make for different types of contracts, you will see that it is a much lower one.

That’s nothing compared to the £50 that you would be minting out at the end of every month with the conventional mobile phone contracts. The low amounts are due to the fact that you’ll not get a new handset from your provider. So cost is a big consideration for you, think about settling for a SIM Only contract.

In addition, you will have the chance to opt for a package that suits your needs the best. Plus, when you have spent the network you have available, you can buy more and expand it. Also, there’s no limit on the amount of network you can purchase. As you can see, flexibility is guaranteed. Absolutely, it results in being one of the best, cost-effective solutions you will have.

2. Favorable to people with bad credit

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If you’ve got a complicated credit history, this option might be the most convenient for you. Most of the providers here don’t bother taking a dive into your credit history since the packages involve amounts that are small and thus don’t warrant such initiatives. Surely, it is quite helpful for those who don’t have their credit in the best situation, which can be of great help.

Should anything go wrong, the losses are negligible as compared to smartphone contracts. If anything, the fact that you’ll be paying on a month-by-month basis means that if you don’t pay the small amount, then you won’t continue to enjoy connectivity. Given their nature, SIM Only contracts tend to open to anyone ready and willing to use them. So, you will not need to do much more than just finding the best deal for yourself.

3. More flexibility and freedom

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The SIM-Only market is competitive and the various providers are constantly engaged in a race to outdo each other. Because of the number of providers on the market, choosing the best one is quite hard. By implication, new deals and packages will keep coming up frequently. The good thing with these packages is that you can switch from one package to another and from one provider to another as many times as you like.

You can also change or upgrade your handset as often as you see fit without worrying about breaking the terms of any contract. The freedom and flexibility of knowing that you can make the switch any time you like without being cut off are what makes this option even more appealing.

Since you will have to opt for a monthly bundle plan, you will have an option not to sign a long-term contract. When you think about it, nobody is ready to pay the same amount of money for this kind of deal for more than a year. Plus, there are many trends that come and go in this market. So, you can be pretty flexible with the decision you will make in this market, right?

4. Brush up your credit rating

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There are two sides to the coin when talking about SIM Only contracts. For one, they are the perfect choice for someone with a bad credit rating. On the other side, they can help you improve your credit rating. It needs to be said that many people don’t understand how it can enhance someone’s credit rating. Therefore, we would like to elaborate on that.

As long as you’re able to manage timely payments of your phone bills at the end of the month, you’ll start noticing a difference in your rating with time. The fact that the contracts are shorter and involve shorter time spans and fewer amounts, it’s going to give you an easy time paying without a struggle. While it doesn’t look like that, it certainly becomes a part of your financial report at the end of the month.

That way, you will be able to make any other purchases, that go beyond just buying a mobile device or anything related to it. The only thing you need to make sure of is that you pay your monthly payments on time. Otherwise, your credit rating can drop even more, which is something you definitely would like to experience, right?

The Bottom Line

There’s every reason that the SIM-only option is something you should consider not just the convenient option but the best choice. Some other quick benefits include easier upgrading your phone, less stressful thinking about how to pay for them at the end of the month. Here, you can take a look at four main benefits if you opt for this kind of deal. Understanding them will make your future decision much easier than it would be without them.