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How to Build Simple but Effective Android Apps Without any Coding? 

by William Gist

Back in the day, it was almost unimaginable to make apps without consulting a programmer or even hiring an entire team to devote both their thoughts and time to create what was previously envisaged by an individual. Nowadays, you can make an app within minutes, solely if you know certain tips and tricks on how to make the right moves. Exactly for that reason, you should read through the lines below and see how you can build a simple, yet again effective android app without any coding and bring your business to another level in almost no time.

In a nutshell, there are two simple ways to make an app that would satisfy all your wants and needs, considering you do not know how to use coding. Either you pay for the ministration of the ones who know how to do it and lay back while you wait for the results of your order to be ready, or you use an app builder, such as  AppMySite and Andromo, where what you can find is both the explanation and the means to develop an android app without having prior knowledge on coding at all. Since the difference between paying the full price for the professional service and using a free android creator is immensely different, we reckon you would like to find out how to create a mobile app on your own without any charge at all.

Surely, if you would want to use the best app maker for Android, you would have to pay a symbolic sum for the effort of the ones who make the whole story achievable, but it represents a negligible sum in relation to what you get. Fortunately, you pay in accordance to what app packages you choose, so when you realize that certain features enable you to earn from them, the small fee you are about to pay for the lucre is totally acceptable by anyone. On the other hand, you do not want to use an app builder that would provide you with useless options solely because it is free, because the point of having an app is rather to achieve something with it than to have it just for the sake of it.


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Whether you are making an app for personal use or you intend to adapt its usage to the commercial needs of a company, the first thing you should consider is the design. Namely, the appearance of your app should differ enough from the same and similar apps so you can stand out from the competition and present a competitive product. Fortunately, that is what a decent app builder should provide you with. In other words, you should be able to choose the interface of the app and customize it according to your wants and needs. On the other hand, you should also be able to use standard interfaces, but we recommend you devote yourself to the task and leave a personal mark because future users might appreciate originality more than the basic stuff they stumble upon via other apps.


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Although the design is important, the content of the app might be crucial, and it is your job to secure you have what it takes to make future users find it useful and worthy of their time. On the other hand, the app builder you choose for such an endeavor should potentiate you do that most optimally. What you intend on presenting to the potential audience influences the potential users. Thus, you would want to adapt the content to the nature of either the business you are trying to promote or any other utilization you intend on using the app for. After you finish editing design and editing features, you will almost be good to go public.

Photos and Videos

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We live in a consumer’s society and people are driven by multimedia content, whether they are willing to admit it or not, even though a vast majority is not aware of it. Now that you have become aware of it you can use it to your and the advantage of your future app. A decent app builder should allow you to share different content with active users and it is a feature not to be neglected if you intend on making the most of opportunities this type of getting in touch with people provides. Surely, you should make sure the content you share is always topic-related to make the point you want, otherwise, your app will lose its direction and the people will lose interest in it. Thus, bear in mind that you have the tools in your hands and it is up to you to use them wisely.

Adds and Coins

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Although you can pay others to make you an app of your dreams, you can also make money from the app you make on your own steam. Namely, there are numerous ways to earn a buck or two by allowing others to advertise using your app space and that is what both good and the best app maker for android should be able to provide you. In a nutshell, any time a person clicks on a sponsored ad, you receive a certain amount of money. You can also receive other types of payments if you are using your app for commercial purposes, as well as you can reward some faithful members of your app community by granting them discount coins and coupons. Those are solely some of the ways you can earn from making an app for your cause and it depends both on your creativity and the features your free android app creator provides.

The pieces of information from the lines above should make you familiar with what you can expect from a quality app builder for android, presuming you either do not know how to use coding for app building or you simply want to do things the easier way. One way or another, you can make an app within minutes and all you should do is find out which one suits your wants and needs since there are many boasting to be “the best app maker for android”.