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An Overview for your Data Backup Solutions

by Edvard Berlusconi

Have you noticed that the more your files are, the more prone your computer is to viruses and malfunction? It is more complicated than ever. Computers can be infected, lost, or crash due to accidents or system failures.

One copy and one storage device can never accumulate millions of videos, pictures, and documents. It is the worst situation wherein you can’t save your financial records, family pictures, and collection of songs and music.

Gladly, in the advent of technology right now, there are online services and hardware for extended backup solutions. As for hardware, you will have Compact disc, Blu-ray disc, and USB flash drives. Whereas, for online services, you will have Cloud service and many more.

In the following section, we will present to you these backup solutions with its features, advantages, and disadvantage. We will also inform you with a quick guide on how it works.

Compact Disc – Everything You Need To Know


It is a type of an optical storage device which contains digital information. Compact discs are the handy backup device that you can always access directly. It can store information up to 650 megabytes, which means that it can hold about 200 songs. A minimal storage capacity, but in terms of speed, it is faster than magnetic tape.

Two types of compact disc differ in terms of memory. The first one is the ROM, which holds most of the limited music files. Once this CD is burned, it can’t be anymore reused for other purposes. The second type is the rewriteable CD, which is more expensive but keeps data all over again.

One of the advantages of CD is that it is affordable. This is intended for small file sizes media. It is very hard to keep data in it as compared to DVD, which has more storage capacity. It is also prone to data loss due to scratches and extreme heat.

Photo Stick – USB Flash Memory


Photo Stick looks like a USB flash drive. It is made up of varying gigabytes that can hold from little to large files. The 8GB memory keeps 3500 files. The 64GB memory holds almost 30, 000 files, while the 128GB hold onto 60,000 files.

Photo Stick is off-site, and 100 % automatic device that copies and retrieve files once plug in a computer or smartphones. It back up photos, video clips, and documents in just no minute. It has a great performance record based on the study since it transfers files with ease and confidence.

Like any other backup option, which has large storage capacity, Photo Stick is also quite expensive. However, the value of storage devices relies on its capability to store the quality of information and course to give an alternative way to decrease your memory limits, read more about thephotostick backup device at this website. It is always the utilization that matters. How it works and how it can save you time.

Blu-Ray Disc and It’s Characteristic


This is an improved version of DVDs and CDs. When storing and retrieving data, a blue-violet laser beam is utilized. It has two types of storage file size the single layer, which has 25GB and double-layer, which has 50 GB. The latter can play quality videos up until 20 hours while the first one can display movies for about 12 hours.

Indeed, when compared to a CD, it has a lot more storage capacity to keep high-definition videos. It is also made up of various utilization. There are types of Blue-ray that tackle with distribution, data storage, and revision.

However, like any other optical disc, it also susceptible to breakages and excessive heat, especially that it holds lots of files. And since it contains larger storage, it is more expensive to have and maintain.

USB Flash Drive – Its Multi-Hardware Service


USB flash drive is a portable and non-volatile backup storage solution. In contrary to HDD, these are made up without any moving parts. It saves and retrieves information without any internet connection.

Some of its types, like the Solid State memory, can be installed in computers to serve as internal storage. It may come in the form of memory cards that can be inserted into digital cameras, smartphones, and videogame devices.

Its capacity is made available for countless gigabytes. There is storage capacity, ranging from 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and many more. Its portability makes it resistant against any rupture, extreme temperature, and pressure. As secondary option, it is indeed very reliable, but when to be the main storage, it lacks read and transcribe cycle, which decreases its life span.

Nonetheless, this is an external storage device which remotely saves files. With the use of software tools in the computer, it can copy all Windows systems, applications, and many more. Most of the USB flash drive now contains a 3.0 port connection, which only means a faster transfer rate. Some of it goes with encryption software that increases security and privacy.

Cloud – Online Service Storage Solution


Apart from having any external or internal hardware, there are online services like the Cloud. The mode of saving files is online. So, it is easy to inform you that an internet connection is the one acting between a user and a Cloud server. Once you have an account like in the case of a Skype account, you can start dealing with Cloud service.

It presents sets of online storage, which you will have to avail of. Since it is encrypted support storage, mainly a password is given to you for security. Moreover, you will have the ability to add protection measures to anyone who you allow to access your account.

In this case, the downside of using Cloud is the possibility of malware, which can cause loss of data. This could happen when your Cloud provider data center fails due to any physical damages. Since it is dependent on internet service, you can always experience interruptions, particularly when an outage happens. It will also demand more cost from you when you upgrade to premium deals.