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Choosing The Right Mobile App For Data Collection

by Dangula Bingula

Data collection and analysis are essential for any business. You need to collect information about your business and your customers in order to improve your business and its profitability, and you can’t come up with a solid strategy for growth or improvement without quality info.

Many different industries depend on technology for data collection. There’s no longer any need for paper surveys or forms; you can get the information you need using your mobile device.

How to pick the best mobile data-collection app

It’s important to select the right application for your data-collection needs. Here are some of the things you need to consider to get the best app.


Identify your needs

What do you need from the app? Offline data collection? Visualizations? The ability to customize your forms and surveys? Understanding your needs will help you select the best tool.


Privacy is another critical factor to consider when choosing a mobile data collection tool. If you’re dealing with personal dinformation or anything that’s of a sensitive nature, you should look for a tool with robust security and privacy features.


You also need to consider your budget before choosing an app. Most apps are free, but you may need to fork out some extra cash if you want to enjoy extra services or features. Make sure you’ve set aside enough money for the in-app purchases that may be required to guarantee you quality service when collecting data.



Check out reviews

Going through reviews from various sites will help you find the right mobile data-collection tool. You can also check app ratings on different app stores.

Benefits of data collection using mobile tools

Using mobile applications and devices to collect data comes with a wide variety of benefits.

Cost savings

You’ll save a lot of money when you use a mobile app to collect info. It’s expensive to print forms and other materials that may be required when using traditional data-collection methods. You may also incur expenses transporting those materials. Mobile devices reduce paperwork and associated costs.


Reduced risk

There are lots of risks involved in traditional data collection. First, it’s a lot easier to lose your information when it’s basically a stack of papers. Your best bet for storage is a file cabinet, but that won’t protect your information from things like fires.

Data collected using mobile apps is usually stored in the cloud, which means that if disaster strikes your office, your information will be spared.

Increased productivity

A mobile data-collection app will help you be more productive. It’s easier to reach out to your customers using a mobile app than it is via paper forms. And people can fill out and submit forms faster using an app on their mobile device. You also get instant access to the info, which means you have more time to evaluate it.


JotForm is a great example of a data-collection app. It will help you get the information you need to grow your business.