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Customer Feedback and Its Impact on Product Experience

by Dangula Bingula

If you want to learn what makes your customers tick, collecting their feedback concerning new products and services is a wise choice. As a business owner, your goal is to bring in more customers and more revenue, and consumers’ comments and criticism can help you do just that.

Their assessment allows you to get inside the minds of your customers and to understand their decisions, wishes, and concerns related to your product. You can utilize this information to improve not only your product but their experience as well.

Customers want products that make their lives less stressful, more efficient and more fun. On top of that, they wish for positive encounters with these offering because after all, no one wants to spend money or time on a bad experience.

So now that you know the value of customer feedback, how can you gather it? Product experience software.

Below you’ll learn how the software that you use plays a significant role in getting the conversation started about your offerings and services as a company.

How Experience Software Encourages Customer Feedback


Product experience software allows your company to determine how well the onboarding and adoption phases are going with your customers. It gives them a place to voice their concerns, make suggestions, and even praise your products. You can choose to send digital users in-app or email surveys, rating popups, and more to judge their satisfaction with not only your product but also their interaction with the technology. You can find more information on Poptin.

In addition, it can create sustainability by allowing you to connect with your target audience. You’ll be able to build a relationship with the customer while simultaneously answering a demand for an offering or service that fulfills their needs.

What to Do With the Data You’ve Collected


Moving forward, you can apply the feedback in the development phase of future product development projects. By avoiding the things that the customers disliked and adding more of the tools and features that they appreciated, you’re able to create better and more widely used services.

Some PX software programs allow you to better assess the customer’s experience in comparison to your competition. It gives you valuable insight into purchasing behavior as well as provides you with ideas about business growth. It’s an investment in your future as a company because it allows you to fix problems before they worsen and improve your products to increase their desirability.

Taking the information that you’ve retrieved from the product experience software you’ve chosen to use allows you to get into the brains of your customers to see who they are. You gain a better understanding of their purchasing habits and their motivations. Visit Gainsight.com to see how you can use the NPS software data to learn what worked with your product in the eyes of your customers and what didn’t.

While improving your offerings is most likely your main objective, you should consider user feedback to better the product experience related to your technology. Memorable experiences foster loyal users, who also may recommend your company to a friend or two.

You Don’t Need to Reinvent the Wheel, but You Should Know What Doesn’t Work


You now know how customer feedback and product experience relate to one another. When people have an opportunity to explore the tools and features as they pertain to a specific offering, they get to see how it can be useful to them. They understand how the item applies to their daily routine and provides value in their lives. They’re able to provide you with valuable feedback on the products and services that you offer so you can continue to improve them and attract more customers in the process.

During the development phases of a new idea, it’s important to apply the previously gathered data regarding the customer’s product experience. Utilizing this data can help you avoid potential problems that were already pointed out by the customers that used your services previously. It allows you to improve upon ideas that were brought up to you through the feedback you received so that you have a better product overall to offer your target audience.

Acknowledging Your Customers by Hearing Their Requests and Suggestions

There is no greater sign of respect to your customers than hearing their requests and suggestions and honoring them. When you acknowledge a request for better or more accessible offerings and services, you’re creating a sense of trust between you and the customer. They know they can count on you to do the right thing.

They also feel important and valued, which makes them want to continue doing business with you long after the first interaction they have with your products and services. People share their experiences with others, too, and may encourage others to give your company and its offerings a try.

With this template you can manage the entire process of your client’s onboarding, from the kick off meeting till the implementation and training on client’s end.