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Diamond Drilling Common Mistakes

by Tracy Finke

The drilling procedure itself may appear to be straightforward. However, the complexity of this procedure requires professional drilling experts who are equipped with specific skill sets that lead to precision drilling. Diamond drilling is the most common and preferred technique to drill hard materials such as concrete, bedrock, and more.

Even the most basic drilling tasks, such as drilling holes for hooks and nails inside your homes, require familiarity with the procedure, tools, and risks associated with it. Hiring a diamond drilling expert saves money and time for more significant construction projects with a reduced risk of injury.

We have compiled a list of common mistakes associated with diamond drilling and the preventative steps leading to more effective and efficient diamond drilling.

Why choose diamond drilling?

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Diamond being the most rigid material known to humankind is ideal for drilling through all types of surfaces, especially those that lean towards more rigidity, such as concrete, etc. Diamond can grind materials on a micro, even nano level, making it ideal for cutting through materials that conventional drill bits made from carbide, high-speed steel, fail to function on.

Unlike conventional drilling materials, diamond cuts through materials faster, offering a smooth finish with higher performance and consistency. Due to their strength and durability, diamond drill bits yield a lower cost per part.

Diamond drilling can create holes from 8mm in diameter to 1500 mm in diameter. It is a non-percussive technique producing less vibration resulting in reduced dust production, saving time and money during the cleaning process.

Diamond drilling is a specialized technique that requires professional expertise. It has a team of highly skilled professionals specializing in all aspects of diamond drilling.

Mistakes To Avoid

  • Selecting The Right Bit

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Before opting for diamond drilling, the first step is determining whether the technology aligns with your project needs. Once you have figured out the size of holes and their depth, you can consult with a diamond drilling expert to choose the most suitable drilling technique for your project.

  • Choosing The Right Speed

The speed of your drilling equipment determines the efficiency and precision of your work. If your drilling speed is too high, you may glaze over the material, not allowing your bit to grasp enough material for cutting.

On the other hand, if your drilling speed is too slow, then there are chances that the bit can get stuck while you try to cut but not take any material off. The only way to manage these issues is by consulting an expert familiar with the ins and outs of diamond drilling, reducing the risk of any future mishaps.

The hardness of the material selected for diamond drilling determines the speed of the diamond core drill. It is advised to decrease the pace as the hardness of the material increases making it more complex and more abrasive. Drills require time to rotate against the material’s surface for creating holes.

  • Allowing Overheating Of The Drill Bit

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Temperature regulation is considered one of the most integral aspects of rigid material (high speed) drilling. So, if you allow overheating the bit or drill, it can shut down the entire operation. It is why temperature regulation is critical in diamond drilling. It can effectively improve the efficiency of your drill, making your tools last longer and allowing you to perform your tasks faster.

  • Keeping Bits And Surfaces Clean

It is vital to ensure that all of your bits and tools are well maintained and clean. Furthermore, it would help ensure that the particular surface that is drilled is prepped, clean, and ready. Before drilling, one should always focus on preparing their surface. It is something which will make your job easier, cleaner and quicker.

  • Ensuring That The Drilling Is Lubricated Well

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Whenever you conduct a robust diamond drilling operation on any surface, it undergoes extensive heat. This heat production potentially leads to corrosive damage to the tooling.

Oil-based lubricants are an option, but they might not be suitable for diamond drilling. The heat and corrosion generated from the diamond drilling process cause oil-based lubricants to break down. It is possible to deal with such situations by using the proper lubricant. Water plays a significant role in preventing unnecessary friction. Also, it tends to keep the temperature down, thereby making the process far more accessible.

  • Using The Diamond Core Drill Bit On Reverse

While specific exercises can run on the reverse setting, they shouldn’t be used for drilling due to the wear and tear that the glazing end of drill bits suffer from. When diamond drill bits get stuck in a drilled hole, you can remove the drill by putting it in reverse using a reverse drill only.

  • Covering Ventilation Holes

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Ventilation holes are crucial when it comes to diamond drilling. The main effect when ventilation holes are closed during diamond drilling is overheating due to the temperature surge caused by friction. Shutting these ventilation holes off can affect your construction project.

The surge in temperature leads to the coil burning off, causing the drill to spin out of control. An increase in temperature also leads to the burning of the coil, causing the drill to turn. Closing the ventilation hole leads to wear and tear of the drill bit.

Final Words

Drilling can be a challenging task, which is why hiring an expert eliminates the chances of things going haywire with your construction project.

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