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Robert Bosch’s CEO: Coronavirus Could Damage Global Auto Supply Chains!

by Tracy Finke

Volkmar Denner, the chief executive of Robert Bosch, a leader in the production and distribution of automotive equipment, says coronavirus could damage the global supply chain, which relies primarily on China.

“We are naturally concerned, but based on the facts today, we have no disruption to our business or supply chain,” said Denner at a news conference in Fellbach, Stuttgart.

Image source: newmobility.news

Robert Bosch relies on China as the global manufacturer for electric motors, transmissions, and electrical electronics for this type of vehicle.

“We need to wait to see how things develop. If this situation continues, supply chains will be disrupted. There are forecasts that predict the peak for infections will drag on until February or March,” says the first man of this German company.

Image source: bosch-presse.de

Denner said that Bosch has two factories for system management and thermotechnology in Wuhan with 800 employees. According to him, there is no infection in the factories. Nevertheless, plants in China have been shut due to holidays, which has been extended to February 3. However, this interruption will not affect the company’s global business.

Robert Bosch, which employs 403,000 people around the world, has been operating in China since 1909 and has 23 automotive manufacturing facilities in 60 locations in this world’s largest car market. China is also home to the largest number of employees of this company outside Germany.