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5 Importance of Making Cleaning Your Dryer Vent a Habit

by Elsa Stringer

Have you wondered why there are times that after putting your clothes in the dryer, water pellets remain dripping? So, it got you repeating the process once more. An unexpected bug in your machine is probably due to a vent clogged with accumulated dirt and fibres from clothes. Heat generating equipment as your clothes’ dryer has some safety precautions that you need to pay serious attention with dryer vent cleaning San Diego.

In a year, the U.S. National Fire Protection Association records an estimated 1700 dryer vent fire emergencies.

A wise homeowner responds to keeping a safe home and considers the importance of cleaning a dryer regularly. Professionals at DryerVentCleaningSanDiego.com has services to help you with home maintenance needs.

Saving your bills, reduced energy consumption and family protection are conditions that improve your home’s lifestyle. Your home’s safety is not your only consideration; below are five that summarizes the importance of making cleaning your dryer vent a habit.

1. Prevention for Protection: Eliminate Exposure to Hazards


Keeping your home safe from fire hazard is an important reason to take care of your dryer. Aside from fire prevention, it is also important that a regular inspection of the vent keeps you safe from other health risks, such as carbon monoxide exposure. A leaking CO (carbon monoxide) from the equipment’s vent line causes poisoning. It also goes with the first importance of knowing the warning signs for dryer vent cleaning San Diego homeowners must regularly do.

2. Seeing the Signs: Know When It’s time To Call for Help


Setting a regular schedule for cleaning your dryer’s ventilation helps you see earlier if it needs a simple home repair or a professional remedy. Do not only think that inspection of your home appliance is solely the work of expert cleaners. You must also have the first-hand knowledge of the condition of your home’s equipment.

If something is clogging the vent, then it is telling you it’s a time for cleaning. Here are some warning signs to know that you need to unclog your vent:

  • It takes time to spin the dryer before your clothes dry thoroughly. It is a sign that the dryer distributes heat inefficiently.
  • Do you hear rattling sounds or do you observe a weird tumbling motion begin as you spin the dryer? Well, it is a sign that there’s a clog in the vent that makes releasing the heat difficult for the dryer.
  • Is there an uneasy smell venting out from the dryer? It could be a burnt smell telling you the vent is clogged and it is time for some cleaning.
  • A part of your machine heats quickly. Heating and all those mentioned above that happen simultaneously sends you a message to clear the vent mainly. Do not yet panic, but consider first making cleaning a habit.

3. Long-lasting Quality: Eliminating Lint


Investing in a home appliance that gives you lasting quality may be your number one consideration for buying a dryer. But then you notice that the result it provides you diminishes as time passes. What used to be an instant dry for your laundry now makes you drain your patience quickly. Relax.

First, consider if you have thought of cleaning the dryer vent? Accumulated dirt, such as the clothes’ fibres or lint, is the leading cause for clogging the dryer vent. Clogged ventilation reduces the machine’s capacity to release the desired amount of heat, thus resulting in your laundry drying inadequately. Small fibres that attach to the tiny spaces in the dryer do not catch your attention quickly. Make it a habit to check your dryer to see and eliminate the lint hoarding within the vent.

Drying Clothes Faster


The main reason for having a dryer is to help you with your laundry routine. Especially for large households, making sure that all of your family member’s favourite clothes are ready anytime they need them is very important. Here are exceptional benefits you gain with an efficient dryer.

1. Wash. Sorting the pieces of clothing takes much effort already. You also want to give extra attention to washing them, especially. Keeping your loved ones’ clothes spotless and smelling clean is a way for you to express how much you care for them. It feels good that a dryer at home helps you finish the chores free from unwanted stress.

2. Dry. Drying the clothes faster makes the job finish more quickly. Just imagine the time you can save from waiting for your clothes to dry. You can spend more time with your child or give more time cooking for your partner.

3. Fold. All your hard work will pay-off when you maintain your machine’s maximum level of performance by cleaning the vent lines and tubes regularly. Make your loved ones’ feel extra special by handing them a neatly folded laundry—all possible with the help of your dryer. So always maintain your dryer vent lint-free and clog-free for a Laundromat -like care to your clothing.

Less Energy Consumption


Cleaning your dryer vent helps you save your money. When clothes dry quickly, it reduces the running time of your machine. Unobstructed ventilation helps the heat evenly diffuse on the clothes when drying. It makes you avoid repeating the spinning time of your dryer. It saves your physical energy, most importantly, your homes’ electric energy consumption.

The resources you need for preparing a dryer vent cleaning kit will cost you less from using the dryer overnight. It will also save your energy from worrying if unwanted disruptions happen with your dryer. With your regular cleaning, you can see warning signs ahead and reserve a fund for emergency repairs.

How Many Times is a Dryer Vent Cleaning San Diego Must be Done?

Now you know the importance of frequent cleaning of your dryer, you must be wondering how regular you must do it? Professional dryer vent cleaning San Diego services recommend that at least once a year the ventilation is cleaned.

They do not only talk about brushing or clearing the vent, but they will do a deep inspection and provide you with a proper maintenance routine. A regular dryer vent cleaning can be performed at least twice a month, depending on the size of your household or the quantity of your laundry. As a homeowner, you can give your dryer a simple home remedy improved with professional care.