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Cost to Rekey Locks

by Ingeborg

One of the common things we have in our homes, owned commercial buildings and cars are locks. Having them give us peace of mind and confidence to leave our house without worrying that someone would break in and steal our important belongings.

Homes without locks are the easy targets. That’s why it is important for those who have not yet installed locks in their homes, should install them, the soonest. Locks also needs to be monitored to check if they’re in good condition. Whenever you feel your locks must be fixed, you should not hold back and consider getting them fixed — your consciousness speaks right.

If you are wondering what is the cost to rekey locks, we spoke to Speedy Locksmith about, so keep on reading.

Key Rekeying


A lot of homeowners or business owners might only know two options when it comes to fixing their locks. It’s either to get them repaired or change the entire thing with a new one. It might be a surprise to some that there is another way to get them fixed and that is Key Rekeying.

This can be the solution to problems regarding your locks at home and business establishments. For those who have no idea what is rekeying, it is having new locks without replacing the old ones by replacing the old pin inside them with new pins. With this, your old keys will no longer be used to open the newly rekeyed lock.

Cost To Rekey Locks


Do you have any idea how much will it cost you to rekey a lock? Every service always comes with a price and key rekeying is not an exception. Locks have different sizes, styles, and brands, and these are some of the factors that serve as the basis on how much will it cost you to rekey them.

The cost to rekey locks depends on some of these factors: First is how many locks are needed to be rekeyed, expect to pay for a higher price when you decided that all of your locks at home must be rekeyed. Second, the rate is based on the hours spent on rekeying. The process of rekeying may take hours depends on the complexity of your specific system.

For average locks, it might not be that complex but for rare ones, it will surely need more time for the rekeying to be done. The third is the availability of the pins. Some locks need special pins and these may not be available all the time making it more costly that it must be ordered first and you have to allot money for the shipping fee.

Lock Rekey Experts


Others might think that rekeying is a simple job but it is a difficult one. To be able to know how to rekey locks it takes time for you to master by undergoing training. You must have a wide knowledge regarding the different types of keys and what are the pins compatible with each type of key.

It is not advisable to rekey your locks in a DIY way especially when you are not familiar and well-skilled enough to do rekeying. Trying to rekey your locks on your own might only make the process longer and there is a big possibility that the rekeying might not be successful. There are people you can contact when you are in need to do the rekeying, you can call a locksmith. Search for a professional locksmith near your area and let him do the work for you.

Advantage of Rekeying


Rekeying gives you the opportunity to save your old locks, you don’t need to buy a new one every time it needs fixing. In a situation where you need to get 20 locks fixed, rekeying might save you a lot of money by not having to purchase 20 new of them. Rekeying doesn’t mean fixing the lock actually what it does is it cancels the old key from working, once a lock has been rekeyed to a different key the older key will no longer work.

How Rekeying Helps Homeowners and Business Owners


The security of our home and business establishment is always a priority and the first thing when we talk about security is installing the proper locks. One way to boost the reliability of our locks is to rekey them.

With rekeying you can change the old pins where you will be needing new keys for your old keys will no longer open the new locks. Rekeying is the best option when you accidentally lose the key of your home or business establishment, no need to replace the whole lock because you can just get it rekeyed.



Locks are one of the most common components of the security systems of our houses and business establishments. As mechanical pieces of tech do get out of order, every once in a while, we need to get them fixed. The same goes for the locks of your house or business building.

But, instead of getting the whole lock replaced, rekeying might do wonders for you. Purchasing new equipment is always heavier on the wallet and puts extra financial pressure on you. If you don’t have tons of extra cash to throw around all the time, it’s probably better for you as well to get them rekeyed, rather than replaced. Rekeying is simple and fast — and fixes your problems with ease.

So the answer to how much does it cost to rekey the lock is: it depends on the type of lock but the most expensive rekey service is up to 65$ per lock most locks like Kwikset and Schlage locks should cost around the 25$ per lock, all the locksmiths charge an additional service call fee that usually ranges between 15-55$ if you need to rekey just 1 lock the locksmith might charge up to 100$ for his time and for the service he provided.

You can always ask to get a free estimate from locksmiths and if they don’t want, just call another locksmith and you will find someone 90% of the time that will give free service call fee.