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4 Best Christmas Presents For Your Home

by Ava-Rose Calderon

The whole world was enveloped in the enchanting and pleasant Christmas bustle. Our thoughts are no longer about business, but about how we will celebrate and what suitable gifts we give our loved ones. But wait, stop for a moment. Don’t you think that your home, which throughout the year gave you only coziness, warmth and has always been so hospitable, also deserves gifts?

What can you give to your home? Nice renovation, new curtains, or an automatically adjustable desk, which you can check here in Progressive Desk. Would be nice to consider it in greater detail and some other worthy ideas!

1. New furniture

Source: countryliving.com

Well, if the renovation is a bit too much since it takes a lot of time and effort, then the idea of new furniture sounds really great. New home furnishings always ennoble your home, spreading not only the scent of fresh wood but also giving new breath to your rooms. But try to surprise your home with something wonderful like an automation miracle for example.

The automatically adjustable desk, which was mentioned above is so advanced that it can be changed at will. The adjustment is carried out through a control panel installed on the table frame, which contains all the controls necessary for moving up/down and leveling the working surface.

By the way, it will be very useful for you to use it as well, especially if you choose the option to work while standing. This helps you focus on the key points and thus more quickly leads to the desired result of your work. In addition, the vertical position of the body helps to maintain a state of vigor and has a positive effect on all body processes. The desk can be chosen according to your color and filled with additional functionality. Your home will truly be proud of this purchase!

2. Fancy curtains

Source: thespruce.com

Fabrics that are designed to decorate windows and bring comfort and harmony to the house always play an important role in its interior. And if in the coming year you decide to renew them, then be sure that all the colors in your home will play differently. The number of material options for curtains and colors is endlessly various. But try for a change to make a choice in favor of extraordinary solutions.

For example, let them be made entirely of lace with huge patterns and made from cotton. It will be enchanting. And if you put up curtains made from multicolored silk threads hanging down, which will move all the time from the air, it will liven up all your entire space. A unique idea would be to close your windows with curtains consisting of plastic balls or beautiful beads put on threads.

You can play not only with the texture of the curtains but also with the drape runners. If you install them asymmetrically, almost hanging at an angle, for example, and leave the curtains from classic materials of linen, velvet, or jacquard, you will get a very interesting design of curtain in general and very unusual. Certainly, it is not recommended to decorate all your rooms with these extraordinary curtains. In terms of experience try to renew them in one room only, and watch the reaction of your relatives, friends, and guests.

3. Green Vibes

Source: treehugger.com

Flowers in your home are a must. There can’t be many of them. They are live and irreplaceable “accessories” for your home, always having different appearances due to their growth and flowering. Plus, plants absorb carbon dioxide, saturate the apartment with oxygen, some are able even to absorb electromagnetic waves emanating from household appliances and purify the air from heavy metals, toxic substances, and dust.

There are a number of plants that must be present in the house, these are Ficus, Azalea, Crássulafat, Geranium, Anthurium, and Spathiphyllum. And if you bring a new “inhabitant” by Christmas to your home, you will only improve the good energy and auspicious aura.

But there is also an idea to give the house a flower – the talisman of the year. Since according to the Oriental horoscope will come the Year of Tiger, make sure that an exotic plant appears in your house for 2024. The more real and accessible, for which you do not need to go to the jungle are Bromeliad, Hibiscus, Orchid, and Strelitzia.

4. Inspiring Paintings

Source: architecturaldigest.com

Any paintings are not only a powerful energy source for you but also the masterstroke in your sweet home. Therefore, in terms of completing the first and the second purpose be sure to provide to your habitation such an important and meaningful gift.

So, this piece of art inspires, calms, creates a certain atmosphere, coziness, and comfort. If suddenly your gaze stopped at a certain painting, and you can’t take your eyes off, wishing to look and look at it, then get it boldly, since the energy compatibility has taken place. That’s the trick!

Competently selected paintings also can correct the perception of the room and can smooth out the proportions of furniture, direct the movement of visitors along with a certain favorable from the point of view of the perception of the route around the room, subjectively increase the space of the premises and “move” the ceiling higher. You will understand the real meaning of this finishing touch yourself as soon as you start installing this object of art on the walls of your house.

In the hallway, paintings of impressive sizes with general content are recommended: they can be landscapes, still life’s, and images of animals or city landscapes. For the living room, paintings in motion are suitable, for example with depicting running horses, flying birds, floating ships, or fluttering butterflies. In the bedroom, give preference to the image of peonies and other flowers, as well as a pair of pigeons or a couple in love.

So is your home happy and grateful? Then it means that a sweet and prosperous year lies ahead for you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!