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Christian Bale is in a Feud with his Mother and Sister over his Serbian Wife!

by Elsa Stringer

Famous Hollywood actor Christian Bale, 45, is currently having some family trouble, mostly with his mom and sister, since he has turned Orthodox Christian because of his Serbian Wife Sibi Blazic.

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Despite his family being against it, the actor adopted the Orthodox fate. The Welshman spent his entire childhood in his home country with his parents David and Jenny, and sisters Sharon and Louise. However, acting was his passion since the early age, and it is what drove his life ever since.

Bale met supermodel Sibi Blazic towards the end of the ‘90s at a party, hosted by actress and producer Winona Ryder. Sibi was her personal assistant at the time. The family of the model has Serbian roots, and during the late ‘60s, they migrated from Belgrade, Yugoslavia, to the USA. In 1970, Slobodan Blazic and Nadezda Topalski had their first daughter in Chicago, and they named her Srboslava. She studied and earned a degree in management.


Following the fateful party, the actor and the future model became inseparable. They got married in Las Vegas in 2000, by an Elvis Presley impersonator. However, not everything was smooth sailing. Because of his love for his wife, Bale went to war with his mother Jenny, and sister Sharon.

The family feud escalated in 2008 just prior to the British premier of “The Dark Knight”. The cause was, according to rumors and gossip, his mother’s badmouthing of Sibi. It got even worse when Sharon asked for £100,000.


Interestingly, Christian Bale really wants his children to learn Serbian, and the language can often be heard in their home, especially lullabies. All major Orthodox customs and traditions are also carried out and cherished by the pair and their children, daughter Emmaline (2005) and son Joseph (2014).