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5 Tips on How to Choose Toilet Seat – 2024 Guide

by Victoria Boatright

Choosing the right toilet seat can be confusing for anyone. On the one hand, it is a fairly simple accessory that every house has. On the other hand, modern models have so many useful and convenient features that you can stay for a whole day in a plumbing department.

It’s no secret that we spend a lot of time in a toilet, which means that choosing a toilet seat should be approached responsibly. To save time, check out this quick guide to choosing the right product. And if you’re still undecided about a toilet itself, visit sanitaryreview.com for comprehensive reviews of the best models.

How to Choose Toilet Seat: Quick Buyer’s Guide

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There are a few basic characteristics that you should look out for when choosing a seat in the first place. However, before you go looking for the product you want, measure your toilet. Of course, modern models are mainly available in universal shapes and sizes. For example, a standard seat is 16 inches long, and an elongated one is 18 inches. However, to not have to return the purchased item, it is recommended to measure your bowl length from the attachment points to the front edge, as well as its width and the distance between the bolts. It is especially important if you purchase a specialized seat model.

1. Material

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Currently, most toilet seats are made of plastic. It allows manufacturers to create products of any color, shape, and size. They are affordable, lightweight, easy to maintain, and easy to replace.

The second most affordable items are wooden seats (from MDF). They are, of course, more expensive than plastic ones but more durable because they are resistant to mechanical damage and pleasant (warm) to the touch. Of course, you can also find seats made of metal, ceramics, and vinyl on the market, but they are not so popular.

For more convenience, you can look for models that have soft padding. It is especially crucial for those recovering from childbirth or surgery. However, padding will not only make your toilet more comfortable but will also save you from unnecessary noise. The lid will not hit the seat hard and make a loud bang.

2. Durability

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The durability of a product directly depends on the material which it is made of. It is generally accepted that wooden seats are more sturdy than plastic ones. However, since a toilet is a place with a high level of humidity (especially if it is combined with a bath), a wooden product can deteriorate faster.

Also, when choosing a suitable product, you should pay attention to its mount. A toilet seat is usually attached using bolts and nuts. It is a fairly simple method that does not require any special skills or tools from you. Check that these parts are securely fixed to a seat and connected to each other closely. If a seat crawls on a toilet, it will give you discomfort and significantly reduce the product’s life.

If you decide to buy a model with a soft finish, be sure to read reviews on the Internet from those who have been using it for some time. Low-quality products crack and crumble quickly and become extremely unpleasant to use.

3. Ease of use and cleaning

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Any toilet seat has a fairly simple design and mounting. Therefore, its installation should not take much of your time. However, if you look for a model with extra functions, find out what installation features it has. Additional parts and tools may be required.

Besides, a toilet seat should be cleaned regularly. Plastic products are easy to clean and are virtually unaffected by water and chemicals. Wooden ones will have to be handled with care as they absorb moisture and can change color due to the use of colored detergents. Some models have a quick-release function that allows you to remove a seat for cleaning your toilet without tools.

4. Price

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Fortunately, you can find the right toilet seat model in almost any price range. There are very cheap options for $10, but their quality and durability are questionable. There are also expensive products at about $1000 with many functions that not every user needs. So look for a middle ground. A seat should be durable, reasonably functional, and comfortable. By purchasing a quality product, you will save yourself from looking for a replaceable item for several years.

5. Other characteristics

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In addition to convenience and durability, many modern models also offer various functions that can be useful.

  • Soft-close option

If you are annoyed by a loud sound of a lid banging on a seat, then this function is for you. A special fastening system closes the lid slowly and smoothly after you lower it. It is an excellent option for those who have poor soundproofing in their house or have small kids.

  • LED lighting

Now there are more and more models with LED lighting. Thanks to it, you have the possibility not to turn on the light in your toilet if you wake up at night and not bother any of your relatives. The motion-sensing toilet seats turn on the LED when you enter the room and turn it off a minute after leaving it.

  • Heating

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A heated product will be an excellent choice for the cold season. Such models are equipped with a high degree of protection against moisture and can even be cleaned using detergents. Most often, these products have a remote thermostat that allows you to set a comfortable temperature and turn off the heating.

  • Built-in air freshener

If you are sensitive to bad smells, look for models with a built-in deodorizing system to eliminate odors and an air freshener that releases a pleasant aroma. This function is activated when you sit down on a toilet. Just do not forget to change the used cartridge regularly.

Final Thoughts on Choosing Toilet Seat

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As you can see, modern models of toilet seats can be either completely simple or with many additional functions. Some of them can be really useful. Before purchasing a product, analyze your needs and budget to choose the seat that will make your every trip to the toilet as comfortable as possible. Use this manual as an application guide to finding the right accessory.