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This Is The New Chevrolet Silverado Reaper

by Elsa Stringer

The new model of the Chevrolet Silverado Reaper is not only the answer to the off-road-ready Ford F-150 Raptor, as the truck practically leaves the rivals behind. As a joint venture of Southern Comfort Conversions and Lingenfelter Performance Engineering, the Reaper has the classic Silverado look, while also sporting upgrades and reworks all around. Therefore, it is not just an off-road beast, but an ultimate off-roader of rugged styling as well.


Reaper Power and performance

With the new Reaper, you can choose between two engine options, both of which are awesome and complement the capable off-road performance with more than enough horsepower. First, we have a 5.3-liter Lingenfelter TVS1900 Magnuson supercharger with 475 horsepower, and a 6.2-liter Lingenfelter TVS1900 Magnuson supercharger, producing 550 horsepower. In order to produce such high outputs of horsepower, these two engines use a proprietary software of Lingenfelter, as well as a CORSA Performance exhaust system. Whatever your engine choice is, your Reaper will not lack in power.


Standard Features

The new upgrades on the Silverado Reaper upgrades cover practically everything, from the rugged suspension gear to a stylish exterior trim. Regarding the suspension, there are 20-inch General Grabber Tires, a brushed stainless skid plate, a 3-inch lift long travel off-road suspension, a set of Exclusive Reaper Wheels, and lastly, Fox racing shocks.

Regarding the exterior, available options include the following:

Exterior Reaper badging, high clearance front bumper replacement, fender marker lights, integrated LED driving and off-road lights, Lingenfelter exhausts, painted interior accent pieces, Reaper door panel accents, Reaper gauge package, embroidered Reaper headrests, a restyled front clip, Reaper hood, a rock guard, and wide body fender flares.
As you can see, everything is covered for a much better style and performance. In addition to this, you can check bestadvisor for the selection of fog lights.


Optional Upgrades

If the standard upgrades are not enough for you, additional options are available extra, as Southern Comfort and Lingenfelter have additional goodies in store for you. These include:
17-inch Beadlock performance wheels, a frozen matte paint finish, a Grabber red letter tire package, a Lingenfelter and Magnuson TSV1900 Supercharger for the 5.3L or 6.2L engines, and a Reaper graphics package.

Taking the High Road

The Fox racing suspension gear on the Reaper provides an added 3 inches away from the ground, so do not worry about the high roads. The truck can handle anything, be it sand, mud, rocks, or snow. Furthermore, the Fox Racing 3.0 factory series shocks provide an awesome 9.2 inches of front travel, and 11.2 inches of rear travel. With clearance like this, nothing can phase this off-roader. What is more, the skid plates add eight more inches of front clearance, making the new Silverado Reaper invincible on a mountainous terrain. Drivers will be able to hurtle over boulders and curbs without ever having to think twice about it.


Be Wild and Free

As the Chevy Reaper is the brands best answer for the famous Ford Raptor, it has to reference the truck at least a bit, as Ken Lingenfelter said it at the Chicago Auto Show, “We love to stoke the Ford guys a little bit.” For example, the big Reaper badging across the back quarter panel, is the most obvious allusion to the older versions the Raptor.


However, the Chevy Reaper is not a laughing matter at all. Honestly, it is quite the opposite, as this truck has unreal off-road capabilities, and they are real. It goes 60 mph on dessert trails, and the suspension is ready to receive serious punishment from hills and dry streambeds.

How Much does it Cost?

Chevy dealers will offer three versions of the truck, as the prices start north of $50,000. It will cost you an additional $10,000 or so for the full package, but you will get a supercharged Reaper. It is worth saying that whatever you decide on, you will end up with everything you ever wanted from an off-road truck.