Cher Has Not Aged a Day Since 1976

by Elsa Stringer

Legendary singer Cher, 73, has been at the center of social media news for the last several days. The reason for this are new photos for a famous fashion brand where she is posing in an outfit and pose similar to the one she did all the way back in 1976.

Her fans cannot believe that after more than 40 years, their favorite singer practically looks the same. “She looks even younger than back then,” one comment says.


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These two pictures are 44 years apart 😱 @makeup__for_ever_

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However, there were also those who think that the photos are too photoshopped, and that numerus plastic surgeries and procedures are responsible for her youthful looks.

Although she tried to hide and turn down the rumors about them, she finally admitted to having several facelifts in her life. Experts still think she has had much more than that and say she is not fooling anybody with her denial.

Still, the side-by-side photos are a great example of how well someone can look in their seventies.

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