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Celebrities Are Desperate for Botox Injections During the Lockdown

by Tracy Finke

Dermatologist and Botox expert Harold Lancer has revealed that during lockdown amid coronavirus pandemic, he is overwhelmed by calls from clients seeking to schedule an appointment.

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He said celebrities couldn’t wait to have their treatments again at beauticians, hairdressers, but also at dermatologists and plastic surgeons, where Botox is often done.

Dr. Lancer added that he receives dozens of calls daily, and some big celebrity names needed some maintenance during the quarantine.

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Hollywood’s skincare guru spoke about the wife of former footballer David Beckham, Victoria Beckham, calling her “military” about her skin regimen. “She has a firm concept of the word ‘program’ and ‘discipline’ — she’s the poster child for discipline, avoiding craziness and temptation. She follows the military concept of maintenance. I’ll absolutely see her when the lockdown is over”, Lancer noted.

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In addition to Victoria, many music divas, reality stars, and influencers, including Kim Kardashian, and singer Beyoncé, who come for rejuvenation, exfoliation, and Botox treatments, are his regular clients.

Fillers and Botox last about four months, so the stars have to come regularly to look good and maintain their appearance. Lancer revealed that he had already scheduled treatments for more than a thousand clients by the end of the summer.

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The doctor encourages those who are concerned about their skin during isolation to keep an eye on the diet, the amount of sugar, and added that regular training and sweating could help with skin quality.

“You have to have a positive knowledge that it’s never too late. Whatever has passed, with time can be resorted”, the dermatologist said.

Dr. Lancer receives photos and selfies of his clients every day, seeking advice on maintaining their skin. On March 17, he had to temporarily close his clinic, located in Beverly Hills, until a crisis was over.

He added that one client even sent him a picture of a second-degree burn that she had made while trying to give herself a face peel at home. He then gave her tips on how to get her face back to normal in a video call.

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