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5 Things to Do If You Can’t Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

by Nina Smith

Wedding is one of the most important days in every person’s life. Commitment to eternal love with a loved one, creating your own family. However, there are many preparations that day that can be exhausting – choosing a church, a place to celebrate, decorations, wedding dresses or suits, hairstyles and makeup, and so on. The list is too long, so we will shorten it. Still, one detail stands out as particularly important, and that is the engagement ring.

What does the engagement ring symbolize?

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The tradition of giving an engagement ring has been preserved throughout history and centuries with more or fewer changes, but the meaning has remained the same: love given to a special person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life.

An engagement ring is a detail without which a proposal cannot be imagined, and which symbolizes the promise of love to a special person. This custom of betrothal originated a long time ago and has spread so much that it finds its variations in many countries around the world.

The ring was not chosen by chance as a piece of jewelry that promises love, belonging, and fidelity. If you look at the shape of the ring you will notice its symbolism. The circle from the most ancient times in many cultures points to continuity, indissolubility, what we do not mark the beginning and the end. The circle itself symbolizes the starting point to which everything returns, constantly moving. Thus, the circle calls for action, and the engagement itself is the moment in which the man acts, inviting the partner to a joint journey through life.

In addition to the shape, the material from which the engagement ring is made also has a symbolic value. Throughout history, they have been made of durable materials to further emphasize indissolubility.

What if we can’t find the right ring?

To make the engagement of their chosen ones as beautiful as possible, men pay special attention to choosing an engagement ring.

Aware of the fact that their chosen engagement ring is not just an ordinary piece of jewelry that they will occasionally wear, men put special effort into choosing the right ring. In that situation, they have many questions that make the choice difficult. The search for the right one usually starts with thinking about what she likes.

And while some men do perfectly well with the second task, others desperately expect help and advice on what to look out for when shopping. These are some of them.

Seek help from her friends

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Help always comes in handy, so ask her friends if she might have mentioned what kind of ring she would like. Find out if she prefers white or yellow gold, silver, or some other material, what shape of stone she likes, and whether she wants classic white or color.

If your bride-to-be mentioned she wants a wedding ring matched to the wedding dress, keep in mind that you will be wearing the same one. So it may be best to avoid rose gold unless you like it.

Shine bright like a diamond

And the ring above the rings is a diamond ring. He is often the first choice and the end of other possibilities. A diamond with its characteristics speaks best about the value of the moment. He is unique as the person he is meant to be, and eternal as love.

It can be said that the perfect engagement ring is a successful combination of an exceptional diamond and a ring that accepts it. This means choosing both the right gemstone and the right ring design.

When choosing a diamond, you should keep in mind its basic characteristics and get acquainted with them (if you have not already). Therefore, it is easiest to start from the first step, and that is to define the financial framework within which the ring is chosen. Because, in addition to the precious stone, the shape of the ring is also important.

In a way, the choice of a gemstone is more a personal choice of the one who chooses, while the shape of the ring tries to follow the personality and aesthetic preferences of the bride to the maximum.

Pay attention to the size of the ring

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To make sure that the ring fits your fiancée’s finger perfectly, just like a glass Cinderella shoe, pull the ring out of her jewelry box and take it with you to the store.

What if I’m still unlucky looking?

We’ve all heard of personalized pendants, bracelets, or earrings, and have you heard of a personalized engagement ring? This is without a doubt something you can’t go wrong with! In addition to saving yourself the time allotted for touring the goldsmith, along the way you will also have fun and design just the kind of ring you think your future wife will like. On CustomValeriaJewelry you will learn more about how to create a ring about your taste. Play with the type and size of the gemstone, choose the color, find a unique ring that your beautiful half will proudly wear for the rest of their lives! Best of all, before you decide to buy, you can see what the final product looks like. And when your fiancée hears that you were the ring designer, you bought her heart for life!

What else to pay attention to when shopping?

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Think about what your chosen one likes. Pay attention to the little things she mentions, talk to people close to her that you trust, ask them what she likes.

Also, consider a budget so that you know right away what is available to you and what you don’t even need to look at.

Final thoughts

You are the one who knows your loved one best, and with these few simple steps, we believe you will find the perfect engagement ring that will proudly shine from her hand for the rest of your life!