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6 Important Things to Know Before Buying Solar Panels for Your House

by Tracy Finke

Are you pondering about installing some solar panels at home? Well, this post is going to get you great idea about what to choose, why to choose and what would be the outcomes. Once you get proper understanding then you can get the best solar panel system for your house.

You know, since energy becomes all the more pricy, solar panels go on to grow in popularity. Thinking about such a thing: why would not you wish to take benefit of free renewable energy from the massive Sun? However, you should remember that installing solar panels is never as convenient or straightforward as you might think.

There is going to be the initial expense to consider as well as picking the right type of solar panel for your home. Then there is even the entire process of getting them installed and then hooking them up.

But this is something that must not cease you from investing in solar panels. After all, when you’ve got them installed, they are going to save you money on your bills, not to miss add much value to your house.

1. Basics about solar panels

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Solar panels necessarily convert sunlight into energy. Most of them can be discovered on rooftops, but they can even get installed almost anywhere where there is a smooth and steady source of sunlight.

The produced energy can either be gathered in a dedicated battery and then simply used directly in your home or can fed back to the main electrical grid that in turn offers credit to your account. In either case, you are going to save on your bills.

2. Is your home roof ready for solar panels?

In case your roof is old or even damaged, it may not be in a position or prepared to take the overall weight of solar panels. You must get it inspected by a professional to confirm in case its structurally sound. It is also good if you get any necessary repairs fixed before you even order your panels.

At the very least, your shingles must be comparatively new; otherwise, the entire grid will require to be eradicated to access the repairs in the future. In case your roof cannot simply take the weight, and you’re not prepared to pay for a replacement, you can otherwise place solar panels in your backyard. Just be confident to aim them in the finest direction for sunlight.

3. Types of solar panels

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There are three prime types of solar panel to pick from monocrystalline, polycrystalline and even thin-film. Now, monocrystalline is the considered to be the commonest option you will see on residential homes. This is believed to be the most efficient of all the solar panels, but it emerges with a steep cost as a consequence.

Polycrystalline panels are somewhat less efficient by comparison, but these don’t really cost as much. Thin-film panels, on the other side, have a lot of finer design that makes them more flexible and portable. You may not find them as efficient as monocrystalline. The finest possible option for you is going to depend on your home as well as your budget.

Next there is the question of solar panels versus solar shingles. Well, solar panels are a lot more traditional, and are somewhat lower in cost by comparison. Solar shingles are somewhat newer, and rather than resting on top of your roof, are specifically designed to look like your shingles, so you can take them as aesthetically more pleasing. However, not to miss that solar shingles are massively more expensive than solar panels.

4. The expenditure of solar panels

You need to be sure that you are completely aware of the expense of installing solar panels before you buy them for your home. On average, expect to spend somewhat around Rs.40000/- for installing 1KW solar panels. You might probably need to hire a professional to install them, and you even require some sort of repairs your roof might demand beforehand.

Moreover, be ready that while you will save pennies on your bills, it will take a long time to simply make back the initial expenditure. Many solar panel installers will even offer you a calculator to see how much you are going to save per month in case you get solar panels.

5. Battery backup for your solar panels

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Solar panels are wonderful for providing electricity when the Sun is out, but what about at the time of night? Many solar panel installers even get you the option of adding a battery backup, so that once the Sun goes down, you can easily still draw the most possible advantage of your solar panels and not use power from the grid.

A battery backup can cost from Rs.15000/ – to Ras,150,000/- depending upon its type and capacity. It will provide you with a source of power if there is a power outage in your area, in the absence of a noisy generator. So, you can talk about this aspect with the provider of solar panels so that you can be sure.

6. Maintenance and Operation Costs

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Solar panel maintenance is not going to be very time-consuming. In case dust or leaves rest on top of the panels they can conveniently be hosed down. Other than this there is also no other maintenance required. The panels mostly have warranty of twenty-five years and the inverter five to ten years.

The inverter is mostly the part that requires to be changed because it is working all the time to convert the overall DC to AC. It characteristically needs to be replaced after ten to fifteen years. You must even have an installer examine your system every four to seven years. It is even advisable to ask your installer about the specific maintenance requirements of your solar system.


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